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The Diamond Tattoo Meaning and 80 Dazzling Designs!

The diamond tattoo meaning can range from power and invincibility, all the way to love. Diamond tattoos are some of my favorite to design. This is such a classic idea - still with so many designs to choose from, I wanted to make sure that my clients knew the exact meaning behind their ink. Here […]

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The Infinity Tattoo Meaning and 70+ Designs for Endless Possibilities!

The basic meaning behind the infinity tattoo is eternity. However, when you add elements such as love, family, and other designs, this symbol can take on a lot of different meanings like devotion. Like many other artists, I designed my fair share of infinity tattoos in the first half of the twenty tens. There were […]

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Raven Tattoo Meaning with 75+ Amazing Images to Choose From

Unlike most bird tattoos, raven tattoos have both positive and negative meanings. Intelligent, tricky, and sometimes bad luck are some of the raven tattoo meanings. The most requested raven tattoos are the raven and flower tattoos which are trendy among ladies. The Odin and the Celtic raven tattoo is the most popular among guys for […]

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Barbed Wire Tattoo Meaning with 100+ Designs For Inspiration

Barbed wire tattoos have a wide array of meanings and representations, from a symbol of Christian faith to a symbol of imprisonment. Christian faithful usually request the barbed wire encircling band tattoo which is synonymous with the crown of thorns worn by Jesus when he was crucified. Others request designs with the heart barbed wire […]

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The Panther Tattoo Meaning and 55+ Roaring Ideas

There are plenty of meanings behind the black panther tattoo - strength, power, leadership, and protection are just a few to begin with. It is safe to say that I love big cats - their beauty, grace, and ferocity are all so captivating. And, as I travel a fair amount, I have had the opportunity […]

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The Eagle Tattoo Meaning and 115+ Soaring Eagle Tattoos

The eagle tattoo meaning ranges from honor, bravery to strength and power. Whenever I was commissioned to design an eagle tattoo, I heard various explanations about the meaning behind the ink. Naturally, the art historian in me had to check out the real meaning associated with eagle tattoos. Here is what you should know about […]

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Dragon Tattoo Meaning Plus 50 Tattoos for Inspiration!

From wisdom and prosperity to bad omens, dragon tattoos can have a lot of different meanings. I first became interested in the dragon tattoo when I studied art in China. Through my research, I realized that dragon mythology was prevalent all around the world and I decided to discover all the symbolism associated with them. […]

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73 Astonishing Poppy Flower Tattoo Designs With Their Meanings

The poppy flower is an increasingly popular tattoo design with deep symbolism in many cultures. Poppy tattoo with phrases are popular since inspirational quotes can be incorporated into them. Another popular meaningful poppy flower tattoo is the grey and black tattoo. It is usually done by those who've lost loved ones. This signifies that your […]

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The Evil Eye Tattoo Meaning and 55+ Designs That Offer Protection

The evil eye tattoo meaning is all about keeping you protected from envy and evil forces. I have always known the basic meaning behind the evil eye. However, as I was asked to design an increasing number of evil eye tattoos, I realized that I didn't know the full story. To give this tattoo and […]

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Anchor Tattoo Meaning With 70 Amazing Images For Inspiration

The anchor tattoo is a very versatile tattoo art due to its different symbolisms. It is most popular among sailors and members of the navy.  A conversation with a retired sailor who came for a tattoo helped me learn a lot about anchor tattoos. He explained that most marine workers get an anchor and flower […]

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