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20+ Tokyo Revengers Tattoo Ideas to Bring Your Favorite Anime to Life

by Sherri Owens

From symbols to characters, I have found quite the collection of Tokyo Revengers tattoos for you to choose from!

Lately, I have been getting a few more requests for Tokyo Revengers tattoos. So, it was inevitable that I learned about the manga and the anime through my clients. One of the reasons that I love inking Tokyo Revengers designs is that my clients were so passionate about their pastime!

In addition to providing you with the top Tokyo Revengers tattoo ideas, I have also given you some background information on the various Tokyo Revengers characters!

The Best Tokyo Revengers Tattoo Designs

Here are the coolest Tokyo Revengers tattoos for you to check out:

Manjiro Sano Tattoos

If you are going to get a Tokyo Revengers tattoo, then it can make sense to start by considering Manjiro Sano - also referred to as Mikey, as a tattoo design. To start with, Mikey is a founding member and former leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Chibi Mikey in Christmas Outfit Ankle Tattoo

Image by @cooieeinks and brokebastardstattoo via Instagram

Mikey is a fairly popular individual in the anime Tokyo Revengers as well as the Tokyo Revengers manga. Once you understand a bit more about Mikey's character, you can see why.

Mikey Tokyo Revengers Anime Tattoo

Image by @elow.noos_tattoo via Instagram

Now, there is no denying that Mikey can be pretty brutal. Violence comes fairly easy to him and there is a dark side to him that he isn't always fully able to be in control of. This can be seen in the Bonten timeline when he leads one of the most ruthless and treacherous gangs.

Mikey Tokyo Revengers Thigh Tattoo

Image by @impact_115 via Instagram

At the same time, there is a lot to like about Mikey. This is because he would do anything for his loved ones and those that are closest to him. There is also the fact that he is known as a bit of a jokester and a prankster and can have a carefree attitude.

Mikey Kun Greyscale Tattoo

Image by @renren.ink via Instagram

Another cool thing about choosing Mikey for your Tokyo Revengers design is that there are a lot of design options for you to choose from. You can choose to copy the Mikey that is represented in the manga or in the anime.

Also, his hair, appearance, and clothes do change for various Tokyo Revenger storylines. So, you can decide which one is your favorite and go with that. Of course, you are also free to go ahead and create any look that you want - for instance, you can get a bold tattoo with black and orange ink for Mikey's clothes!

Ken Ryuguji Tattoos

Of course, you can't talk about popular characters without thinking of Ken Ryuguji, also known as Draken. As he is a founding member of the Tokyo Manji Gang as well as its vice leader he is a fairly common appearance in the Japanese manga series. So, he could be the perfect choice for your next Tokyo Revenger tattoo.

Ken Ryuguji Frame Tattoo

Image by @tattoofalhine via Instagram

As with Mikey, Draken has a wild personality. Due to this, he is always on the lookout for a fight and will likely take on any opponent. He can also have a tendency to look down on the people that he thinks are beneath him.

Black Ink Draken Tattoo Piece

Image by @seba.tatu via Instagram

Despite this, there is also a soft side to Draken as well. He is known for small acts of kindness towards those he really cares about. Another reason that you may be Draken for your Tokyo Revengers tattoo is that he has a logical attitude and has been known to make sound decisions, even when other members of his gang aren't capable of it.

Stressful Draken on the Couch Tattoo

Image by @sleepycat.tattoo via Instagram

Draken is also the ideal candidate if you are interested in getting one of the coolest Tokyo Revengers tattoos around! After all, there is no denying that this guy has style - from his cool haircut to his badass dragon tattoo, there is a lot to like about him.

Tokyo Revengers Draken Face Tattoo

Image by @srta_h_ via Instagram

As with Mikey, there are several different versions of Draken to choose from. So, you may want to line up these images and figure out which one will work well for the tattoo that you have in mind. If you do want to get your Draken tattoo just right, make sure that you go to a talented tattoo artist for your Tokyo Revengers tattoo.

Draken Face Panel Tattoo

Image by @renren.ink via Instagram

Manjiro and Ken Tattoos

As you can imagine, it makes sense to want to get a Tokyo Revengers tattoo of both Mikey and Drake! They are literally partners in crime! What's more, the two do have a really strong bond and do care deeply for each other.

Colorful Manjiro and Ken Tattoo

Image by @frank.de.libra via Instagram

This can be a great tattoo for you to get if you have a friendship that is similar to these two. This tattoo design also works well as a matching tattoo - if both you and your friend are anime lovers, then this tattoo can be a beautiful depiction of your shared hobby!

Kazutora Tattoo

If you are someone who likes the more conflicted or brutal elements of the Tokyo Revengers manga and anime, then you may prefer a Kazutora tattoo instead. After all, he can be a rather twisted person.

Yellow Hair Kazutora Arm Tattoo

Image by @tfcilustra via Instagram

His rough childhood set him on his sadistic path and it can often seem like Kazutora finds new ways to showcase his violent tendencies. In fact, this tattoo does an incredible job of showing what Kazutora looks like when he gets down and dirty.

Mitsuya Tattoo

It can be argued that Mitsuya is one of the more likable characters of the manga and the anime so it makes sense for you to consider a Mitsuya tattoo design! He has such an upbeat attitude and can be a great reminder for you to tackle the world in a similar manner.

Tokyo Revengers Mitsuya Cartoon Tattoo

Image by @serenatattoos via Instagram

Despite his cheerful demeanor, Mitsuya is known for his impressive fighting skills and isn't someone who should be overlooked. Another reason that you may want to get a Mitsuya tattoo design is because he is a pretty great big brother to his two sisters!

Sanzu Tattoo

Sanzu makes for the best Tokyo Revengers tattoo if you are looking for a design that is bold, colorful, and flashy. This is because, between his hair and his vibe, Sanzu - as a tattoo - can seem to really leap off the skin. So, he works well if you would prefer a more complex design.

Purple Hair Haruchiyo Sanzu Tattoo

Image by @srgio87 via Instagram

Of course, as there are so many details that you may want to include with your tattoo, it is a good idea to work with an experienced artist to get the desired result.

Bonten Tattoos

OK, so technically, this Tokyo Revenger tattoo design can mean a couple of different things. First off, this design is associated with Bonten's timeline and criminal organization. It is the organization that is led by Manjiro Sano - or Mikey - and is considered to be especially brutal. The members of this gang have the below tattoo design inked on them.

Tokyo Revengers Bonten Neck Tattoo

Image by @jlee.tattooist via Instagram

So, if you want, your tattoo can be a throwback to this timeline and the events surrounding it. What's great about this pure black ink tattoo is that it is pretty easy to do. As such, any tattoo artist can do it for you and it can make a good first tattoo design.

Black Ink Tokyo Revengers Bonten Tattoo

Image by @bugoutletmall via Instagram

However, this is not all that your tattoo has to mean. See, this design is derived from the earrings worn by Izana Kurokawa. In turn, the earrings are based on Hanafuda cards. So, in short, this kind of tattoo can be a nice way to weave a few different stories and timelines together.

Baji Tattoos

Baji might be a bit of a wild card in T, but there is also no denying that he is one of the more interesting characters in the series. Baji is somebody who puts his money where his mouth is and will go to incredible lengths to ensure that his gang and the people he cares about don't lose themselves. He is even willing to sacrifice himself.

Keisuke Baji Forearm Tattoo

Image by @ally.ga.tattoo via Instagram

In fact, Baji actually defected to Valhalla to ensure that his gang survives. And, though he loves to fight, his intellect and ability to see through the lies of others shouldn't be underestimated either.

Baji Face Panel Arm Tattoo

Image by @renren.ink via Instagram

Chifuyu Tattoos

Chifuyu is another one of those really likable characters in Tokyo Revengers. Despite the fact that he is in a gang, Chifuyu finds fairness to be fairly important and has no problem taking on people of authority if he feels like they are misusing their powers.

Greyscale Chifuyu Matsuno Leg Tattoo

Image by @sombre_idee_tattooer via Instagram

Chifuyu can also be a bit more organized and logical than the rest of the gang members. So, he is likely to stop and think before getting himself into fights or risky situations.

Chifuyu from Tokyo Revengers Tattoo

Image by @el.rodo.tattoo via Instagram

Group Tattoos

Of course, if Tokyo Revengers, then there is a good chance that you don't have just one favorite character - you probably like a few of them. In this case, you may want to include other characters in your tattoo as well.

Tokyo Revengers Team Arm Tattoo

Image by @walkin_tattoo via Instagram

If so, then these are the tattoos for you! You can choose a similar grouping of characters or come up with your own. In any case, these tattoos are sure to serve as inspiration for you.

Tokyo Revengers Crew Forearm Tattoo

Image by @rika.loli via Instagram

Tokyo Revengers Characters Tattoo

Image by @animes.megaa via Instagram

These are the top Tokyo Revengers designs you have to check out! They are cool and dynamic, and they cover so many different characters in the series!

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