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115+ Butterfly Tattoo Designs to Sweep You Off Your Feet

From a simple butterfly tattoo design to watercolor and creative butterfly designs, the options are endless. As an artist, I have designed every version of the butterfly that you can possibly imagine. So, if you are looking for tattoo inspiration, I know exactly what categories and concepts you can choose from. The Best Butterfly Tattoo […]

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110 San Judas Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Faith

From different halo designs to religious imagery, there are plenty of ways you can customize your San Judas tattoo. I designed tattoos in Mexico for a while, which is how I came across the San Judas Tadeo tattoo. As it was a popular design, I learned all the different depictions of the San Judas tattoo. […]

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210+ Bat Tattoo Ideas to Drive You Batty!

From a bat silhouette to Dracula inspired bat tattoos, the option for bat tattoo designs are endless. As an artist, I have designed many a bat tattoo and know all the styles and designs that you can construct around the bat theme. Welcome to the ultimate collection of these bat tattoos! Bat Silhouette Tattoos If […]

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130 Spine Tattoos That Will Send a Shiver Down Your Spine!

From delicate flowers to unique vertebrae, there are plenty of spine tattoos to choose from. As an artist who has designed numerous tattoos through the years, I know all the options available. Not to mention, I know what tattoos look best for this placement. Here are all of the spine tattoo designs that you can […]

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The Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning and 50 Designs to Seal Your Choice

The koi fish tattoo symbolizes perseverance, strength, and success. As an artist, I always like to have an in-depth understanding of the work I create. So, when koi tattoos started getting popular, I did my research, and gained a greater appreciation and respect for this design. I was able to transfer this to my work […]

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Feather Tattoo Meaning and 105 Inspiring Tattoos to Choose From

The feather tattoo meaning depends on what kind of feather it is - from eagle feathers to angel feathers, the options are endless! As an artist, I have always been fascinated with the symbology behind various signs. As feather tattoos have become increasingly popular, I decided to delve into the meaning behind each option to […]

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60 Unique Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings

When a tattoo client demanded a laugh now cry later tattoo design, my first thought was 'Weirdo' (yeah judge me). But after a little research, I found out the meaning behind the laugh now cry later tattoo. I found that the comedy and tragedy masks symbol dates back to greek mythology, and it has a […]

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70+ Olive Branch Tattoo Looks to Bring You Peace

You can choose anything from a traditional tattoo to a symmetrical pair of branches for your olive branch tattoo. As an artist, I have always loved the olive branch due to its association with peace. It is also a pretty unique tattoo with lots of design elements. Allow me use my artistic expertise to guide […]

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70 Cross Tattoos for Women That Are Easy to Bare

From small and simple crosses to rosary tattoos, there are quite a few cross tattoos for women. As someone with a deep love of art history, crosses and cross tattoos have always fascinated me. Not only are crosses beautiful works of art, but each design has its own origin and meaning attached. Since you are […]

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60 Birth Clock Tattoo Ideas to Mark That Special Day

From classic birth clocks to creative designs, there are so many birth clock tattoo ideas to choose from. I adore designing birth clock tattoos as there is so much love and meaning attached to these tattoos. I have spent a lot of time working on various designs, customizing them so that they are perfectly suited […]

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