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135+ Mexican Tattoo Ideas for an Authentic Tattoo Design

From the Mexican flag to Chicano designs, there are many different types of Mexican tattoos that you can get. I lived in Mexico for a few years as a tattoo artist. During this time, I was able to witness the type of tattoos that were popular there. Some were based on ancient pride of their […]

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110 Hunting Tattoo Ideas to Commemorate Your Favorite Pastime

From bow hunting to landscape designs, there are plenty of hunting tattoos for you to choose from. I spent several years in Montana and during this time, I got to design a lot of different hunting tattoos - and hear many war stories along the way. While I have never hunted myself, meeting the hunters […]

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110 Kobe Bryant Tattoo Ideas to Bring Out Your Inner Mamba

From Black Mamba concepts to memorial tributes, there are so many Kobe Bryant tattoo designs for you to choose from! Growing up in a basketball crazy family, Kobe Bryant was a frequent topic of discussion in our household. With his aggressive style and legendary shooting average, we respected him even as he played a role […]

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110 Butt Tattoo Ideas That Get a Standing Ovation

From flowers to skeletons, there is a very wide variety of butt tattoos that you can get. At the beginning of my tattoo career, I found butt tattoos to be quite challenging. Not only are they on a rather intimate area, but it isn't the most stable surface to tattoo on! However, I always enjoyed […]

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125 Cover Up Tattoo Ideas That Will Hide and Transform Any Design

If you need to cover up an old tattoo, then you can do so with flowers, animals, cultural symbols, religious imagery, and so much more! After so many years of designing tattoos, I almost have a sixth sense for figuring out when people are going to regret their ink. Sometimes, it's because they got a […]

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120+ Best Knuckle Tattoo Ideas for Tattoo Lovers This Year

I think knuckle tattoos are super underrated and not given the attention they deserve. Some of the most gorgeous tattoo designs I've seen throughout my career as a tattoo artist are knuckle tattoos. Knuckle tattoo designs are versatile. Minimalistic knuckle tattoos that feature tiny stars, music symbols, little clouds, or other cute little images look […]

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120 Warrior Tattoo Ideas to Bring Out the Soldier in You

From samurais to angel warriors, there are plenty of warrior tattoos out there. As an art history buff, warrior tattoos are some of my favorite tattoos to design. This is because warriors have been depicted in artwork and texts since the beginning of time. I love bringing these designs to life in the form of […]

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The All Seeing Eye Tattoo Meaning and 105+ Designs to Open Your Eyes

The meanings of the all seeing eye tattoo include God's benevolence, a government's watchful eye, independence, capitalism, and more! I hate to admit it but I do love a good conspiracy theory. So, when one of my clients who was getting an all seeing eye tattoo explained the various meanings, I knew I had to […]

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105+ Majestic Throat Tattoo Ideas That Will Put You In The Spotlight

Even though throat tattoos hurt, they are a popular tattoo spot reserved for the most meaningful tattoo designs. For example, words or phrases that hold a personal significance, geometric patterns, and symbolic imagery such as flowers or animals. Throughout my years as a tattoo artist, I’ve had the privilege to work on some amazing throat tattoos. […]

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The Dead Rose Tattoo Meaning and 110 Fatally Beautiful Designs

Dead roses symbolize loss, the end of something, or a part of yourself or life that you're letting go of. Dying roses also symbolize these things but they also signify hope - that something still has time to be redeemed. There is a little goth in me, which is probably why I love dead and […]

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