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60 Aesthetic Tattoo Ideas to Draw Attention to Your Ink

From flowers to celestial bodies, there are so many different aesthetic tattoos for you to consider for your own design! Aesthetic tattoos are a fairly new trend but I have already had many requests from clients. Due to this, I decided to do some research on what other tattoo artists were doing as well with […]

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105+ Life and Death Tattoo Ideas to Show You the Best of Both Worlds

From an ambigram tattoo to skeletons being alive, there are a lot of life and death tattoos for you to select from! As a former goth kid, I have always been fascinated with the balance between life and death. And, as an artist, I love the many different ways that you can depict this relationship. […]

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130+ Baseball Tattoo Ideas That Will Hit a Home Run

From balls, bats, and gloves to team logos and baseball players, there are so many baseball tattoos for you to choose from! My father is a big baseball fan so some of my favorite memories include cheering the Astros from the sidelines, with him by my side. It is also why I love designing baseball […]

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35+ Grandma Tattoo Ideas to Honor Your Favorite Person!

From floral and portraits to sweet messages, there are so many grandma tattoo designs for you to check out! Grandma tattoos have to be some of my favorites! This is because my clients will always tell me these beautiful and moving stories about their grandmothers and the amazing relationships that they had. So, it always […]

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110 999 Tattoo Ideas to Transform Your Life

From Juice Wrld tribute tattoos to butterflies and snakes, there are a lot of 999 tattoo designs for you to get! I never really paid too much attention to the number tattoos that I designed for my clients. However, in 2019 I noticed an uptick in the number of 999 requests. Curious, I asked my […]

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105+ Initial Tattoo Ideas to Commemorate Your Loved Ones

From simple designs to matching ink, there are lots of initial tattoos for you to check out! I have noticed that more and more of my clients are coming in with requests for initial tattoos. They appear to be the modern version of name tattoos. For one thing, these tattoos are more subtle and they […]

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105+ Serenity Prayer Tattoo Ideas to Give You a Guiding Hand

From simple designs to powerful imagery, there are a lot of serenity prayer tattoos for you to choose from! I haven't suffered from addiction on a personal level, but I do have friends and family members who have worked towards getting sober. Due to this, it is always incredibly emotional when a client wants a […]

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105+ German Tattoo Ideas That Will Have You Full of Pride

From the German eagle to football designs, there are so many German tattoos for you to choose from. Even though I live in the US, I've had a lot of clients who have got German-inspired tattoos from me over the years.  I love listening to the stories about their ancestors and also learning lots of […]

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105+ Bad Bunny Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Want to Bailar

From Bad Bunny's likeness to designs based on the rapper's own palm tree tattoos, there are many different Bad Bunny tattoos for you to get. I have had more than a few of my Gen Z clients ask me to design Bad Bunny tattoos for them over the last few years. It was so interesting […]

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105+ Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas to Celebrate the Month You Were Born!

As you can imagine, your birth flower depends on the month that you were born in. From carnations and daffodils to poppies, you can now discover which flower you should get inked on your body! I have to admit that I was only recently introduced to the concept of birth flower tattoos. More and more […]

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