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The Queen of Hearts Tattoo Meaning and 110 Tattoos to Empower You!

The Queen of Hearts tattoo can represent feminism, love, power, strength, sensuality, and so much more. I am a big fan of feminine yet feminist tattoos. This is why I got so excited when one of my regular clients told me that the Queen of Hearts tattoo had more history and significance than most people […]

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The Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Meaning and 110 Powerful Designs to Choose From

The meaning behind the semicolon butterfly tattoo is to remind people with mental health disorders that there is a silver lining and to raise awareness about such issues. There is an increasing number of people requesting semicolon butterfly tattoo design ideas. Each client I talked to gave me a unique and beautiful story about why […]

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The 8 Ball Tattoo Meaning and 110+ Tattoos to Get the Ball Rolling

An eight ball tattoo can have a lot of different meanings including goals, staying away from trouble, luck, destiny, and more. When I was just getting started in my career, I did a lot of traditional tattoos. So, I ended up designing a lot of 8 ball tattoos. Not only did this inspire my desire […]

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The Trident Tattoo Meaning and 110 Powerful Tattoos to Inspire You

A trident tattoo can represent power, creation, destruction, mindfulness, leaving the past behind, and more. The first time I even thought of the meaning behind the trident tattoo was when I was asked to design one for a client. They told about some of the significance of the trident tattoo and it sounded so interesting […]

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The Paper Airplane Tattoo Meaning and 110 Tattoos to Take You to New Heights!

A paper airplane tattoo can represent childhood, big dreams, freedom, new beginnings, travel, and much more. Paper airplane tattoos are one of my favorite designs. This is because each of my clients have beautiful and moving reasons for why they have wanted to get this tattoo. So, throughout the years, I have learned from their […]

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The Lightning Bolt Tattoo Meaning and 70 Electrifying Designs to Choose From

Lightning bolt tattoos can signify power, protection, unbridled force, potential, and much more. I have been obsessed with lightning since I was a child. While others cowered under blankets during storms, I sat by the window watching the streaks of lightning split the sky. This obsession transferred into my art and I have always enjoyed […]

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Black Widow Tattoo Meaning With 105+ Thrilling Tattoo Images For Inspiration

The black widow tattoo represents strength, power, and bravery in the presence of danger. As a tattoo artist who has done several black widow tattoos for clients, the most fulfilling black widow tattoo I've done is the realistic spider tattoo. I usually recommend this realistic tattoo design to people because the tattoo helps you exude […]

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Orchid Tattoo Meaning With 105 Unique Designs For Inspiration

There is no better way to express inner beauty than getting an orchid tattoo. Orchid tattoos are symbolic of femininity, fertility, rare beauty, love, and feminine strength. Most ladies who come for a flower tattoo end up getting an orchid tattoo design when they see mine. What seals the deal with most of them is […]

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3 Cross Tattoo Meaning With 60 Splendid Tattoo Ideas To Recreate

Like me, most people get the three-cross tattoo as a symbol of the holy trinity. Well, let's just say the reason for getting the cross tattoo is no longer exclusive to the holy trinity. The three-cross tattoo which is a popular tattoo design used to represent Jesus Christ and the Christian faith is done for […]

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Leaf Tattoo Meaning With 50+ Tattoo Images for Inspiration

Leaf tattoos are one of the most requested tattoos by older adults. It is done to represent the stages of life one has to go through and how you can overcome anything if you persevere. It is also done as a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. There are more than a million leaf tattoo […]

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