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The Crescent Moon Tattoo Meaning With 50+ Amazing Images For Inspiration

I had my first minimalistic crescent moon tattoo 7 years ago because they looked cute. However, a little research helped me realize just how much my tattoo could influence me into becoming a better version of myself. The crescent moon tattoos are the best tattoos to help connect you to the abundant spiritual energy reservoir […]

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Rooster Tattoo Meaning and 40 Designs to Get You Crowing

The rooster tattoo can depict masculinity, sexuality, courage, a new beginning, and much more. I have to admit, I have only designed a handful of rooster tattoos for clients but this was enough to pique my interest about the rooster tattoo meaning. Digging through various art history books, I realized just how important of a […]

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The Vine Tattoo Meaning and 120 Tattoo Ideas to Wind Your Mind Around

Vine tattoos can symbolize anything from interconnectedness, life, and development to a whimsical relationship with the natural world. I have recently been asked to design more vine tattoos and I just had to figure out why this design was becoming so popular. While my clients gave me half the story, my research uncovered the hidden […]

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The Lavender Tattoo Meaning and 165 Blooming Tattoos to Enjoy!

The lavender tattoo can have many different meanings - these include love, seduction, calmness, protection, spirituality, and more. Throughout the years, I have designed a lot of floral tattoos, but the lavender tattoo is definitely up there as one of my favorites. This is probably because I use so much lavender - the scent to […]

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The Hibiscus Tattoo Meaning and 55 Blossoming Ideas for You

Hibiscus tattoos can have many different meanings including femininity, beauty, love, lust, happiness, and more. The symbolism of the hibiscus tattoo is usually tied to the color and design. Growing up in a tropical area myself, the hibiscus was always one of my favorite flowers - and flower tattoos. It always reminded me of home. […]

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The 2 Lines Tattoo Meaning and the 32 Tattoos to Help You Line Up Your Next Ink

A two lines tattoo can have multiple meanings - this includes pain, strength, and even recovery. I was an artist in the early 2000s when these tattoos were all the rage. Due to this, I was able to talk to multiple clients and do my own research to discover the true 2 lines tattoo meaning. […]

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The Lily of the Valley Tattoo Meaning and 135 Blossoming Designs

The meaning behind the lily of the valley tattoo can vary from purity to hidden dangerous depths - there is so much to explore! As someone who studied art history, I have long been fascinated with the lily of the valley tattoo. There is so much more to this flower than meets the eye, which […]

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100+ Three Dots Tattoo Designs to Help You Continue Your Ink Journey

From a crazy gang lifestyle to mental health, the three dots tattoo can signify a number of weird and wonderful things. I love the symbolism you can find in art and am always researching what different marks and symbols mean. This is why the tattoo with its three dark dots holds so much interest for […]

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The Shark Tattoo Meaning and 100 Powerful Designs to Swim Through

Shark tattoos can have many and contrasting meanings. The meaning behind shark tattoos can range from protection and guardianship all the way to domination and fear. When I lived in Hawaii, I found myself having to design a lot of shark tattoos. When I asked the locals why shark tattoos was so popular, they informed […]

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Pineapple Tattoo Meaning With 110+ Images To Rock

Pineapple tattoo signifies, joy, freedom, and sometimes relaxation. It is usually done for aesthetical purposes, but I've done the tropical fruit tattoo for people to represent some quite deep meanings. A client requested the pineapple tattoo with a name written on it to represent a lost loved one that brought him so much joy. The […]

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