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80 Witch Tattoo Ideas That Will Magic Their Way Into Your Heart

There are plenty of witch tattoos to choose from - from witchy accessories to goddesses, the options are endless! Like any modern woman I have a healthy obsession with witches. It all started when I was getting my degree in art history and found witches in classical paintings. My interest only heightened when my clients […]

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105+ Rick and Morty Tattoo Ideas to Fan Over

From a portrait design of the main characters to collaborative concepts, there are plenty of Rick and Morty tattoo designs for you to choose from! Believe it or not, it was actually my clients who got me into Rick and Morty! At the height of the popularity of the show, I had many clients coming […]

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Crying Heart Tattoo Meaning with 101+ Awesome Images for You

The crying heart tattoo is a classic design that symbolizes sadness, grief, sorrow, heartbreak, loss of a loved one, and sometimes, happiness and joy. For most people who request the crying heart tattoo, it represents heartbreak usually from a romantic relationship. However, I've had several requests where the crying heart tattoo was done to signify […]

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105 First Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Tattoo Journey

From flowers to abstract art, there are so many different designs for you to consider for your first tattoo! I have to admit that first timers are my favorite clients! There is just so much excitement and anticipation about the process and I love being a part of such a profound experience. I also like […]

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110 Gothic Tattoo Ideas to Bring Out Your Darker Side

From roses and butterflies to skulls and architecture, there are many different ideas and elements for you to choose for your goth tattoo. I went through a goth phase during my rebellious teenage years and even got a goth tattoo during this time! And, while I no longer identify as goth, the goth tattoo style […]

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110 Christian Tattoo Ideas to Declare Your Faith

From the traditional cross tattoo to biblically accurate angels, there are numerous Christian based tattoos that you can choose from. As a lover of ancient and fine art, Christian imagery has always fascinated me. After all, some images have been around for around 2000 years! This is why I get so excited about translating these […]

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Raise Those Arms: 110 Inner Bicep Tattoo Ideas for You

You can get an inner bicep tattoo of flowers, animals, birds, tribal designs, landscapes, and more! Inner bicep tattoos have always been some of my favorite to design. While it can be a challenge, I like that it gives me the license to be more creative. I also think it's great that this kind of […]

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40 Tarot Card Tattoo Ideas to Create Your Own Destiny

From the sun to cups, there are many tarot card tattoos for you to choose from, depending on the meaning you would like to depict in your ink. I have always been fascinated with tarot cards - I even have my own deck! So, it is always great to have clients come in with requests […]

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65+ Chakra Tattoo Ideas to Help You Ascend to a Higher Plane

If you are considering a chakra tattoo, then you can get an individual chakra symbol that is in line with your personality. Or, you can choose to get all the seven chakras in your tattoo for a more complete concept. I had the privilege of studying art and art history in India. During my time […]

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145 Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women That Will Empower You

From flowers to goddesses, there are so many different designs to choose from for your half sleeve tattoo. I have been a tattoo artist for a few decades but it is only in the last few years that I have found more and more women getting half sleeve tattoos. I love designing these tattoos because […]

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