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The Cherry Tattoo Meaning and 110 Designs That are Ripe with Symbolism

Cherries and the cherry tattoo can have rather conflicting meanings. In some circles, it is associated with Christianity, innocence, and purity. For others, this tattoo has a far more erotic significance. In my years of studying art history, I found that cherries and their trees cropped up quite a bit in historical pieces. Here, they […]

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Ankh Tattoo Meaning With 185 Majestic Ankh Tattoos For You

The Ankh tattoo is considered the symbol of life, power, and fertility. The Egyptian ankh is a popular symbol associated with ancient Egypt. Most great pharaohs and gods of Egypt are depicted with the ankh hieroglyph. A lot of people opt for the ankh tattoo done with an image of Pharoah, but my favorite ankh […]

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The Pine Tree Tattoo Meaning and 105 Powerful Tattoos to Compel You

A pine tree tattoo can depict a long life, the circle of life, resilience, hope, rebirth, spirituality, and more. As far as tree tattoos go, pine tree tattoos have always been some of my favorites to design. I love how eternal and majestic these trees are. Of course, the art historian in me just had […]

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The Laurel Wreath Tattoo Meaning and 110 Crowning Design Ideas

The laurel wreath tattoo is usually associated with commemorating academia, victory, and even royalty. Greek art is absolutely one of my favorite topics and I have spent a lot of time researching the meaning behind laurel wreaths in artwork. So, I love designing laurel wreaths for clients and even giving them a quick history lesson […]

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444 Tattoo Meaning with 105+ Ideas For Tattoo Enthusiasts

Angel number 444 tattoo symbolizes protection and good fortune. It can also be a sign that your guardian angels are watching over you. The extremely minimalistic Kaia Gerber tattoo design of the 444 angel number has inspired thousands of people to get a similar tattoo. Lots of people come to my tattoo shop with requests […]

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70+ Cover Up Tattoo Ideas for Names

From flowers to dragons, there are plenty of cover up tattoos that you can choose to shut out the thought of your ex-partner. I have been a tattoo artist for many years now and I still have to do cover up jobs for name tattoos on a regular basis. From those that got away to […]

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333 Tattoo Meaning With 100+ Images to Inspire Your Growth

The angel number 333 tattoo represents growth and balance between your mind, body, and spirit. It is my favorite number tattoo, not only for its religious significance but because the angel number tattoo is said to help you balance your existence in this vast universe. There are lots of amazing 333 tattoo meanings that can […]

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The Armband Tattoo Meaning and 165 Wraparound Designs

The meaning behind the armband tattoo largely has to do with the design. For instance, a solid black design can depict pain and despair while ornamental designs are largely about feminine creative energy. An armband tattoo was one of the first pieces of ink that I got. As you know, when you are young, you […]

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Saturn Tattoo Meaning with 50+ Ideas for Your Saturn Return

Saturn’s symbolism is often associated with qualities of responsibility, wisdom, and the inevitability of change. As a tattoo artist, it’s always interesting to see the designs that clients bring to the table. One particular tattoo design that has been gaining popularity is the Saturn tattoo, which offers an awesome way of incorporating astrology and spirituality […]

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The 777 Tattoo Meaning and 110 Ideas for Divinity and Luck

The 777 tattoo can have a number of meanings – some of these are spiritual and linked to the bible, while others have to do with sheer luck! Numerology has been around for thousands of years but recently it has been making a comeback with the masses. As a result, I have been asked to […]

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