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We the People Tattoo Meaning and 145 Tattoos to Depict Your Patriotism

The We the People tattoo can stand for a lot of things - freedom, the power of the people, the fight for equality, patriotism, and more. I am a huge American history buff. This is why We the People tattoos are some of my favorites to do - there is so much power and history […]

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The Geisha Tattoo Meaning and 155 Artful Tattoo Designs for You

A geisha tattoo represents Japanese culture, the ethics associated with the geisha lifestyle, an ideal woman, substance over style and much more. As someone who loves art history, the geisha depicted in Japanese artwork has always fascinated me. So, naturally, I had to learn more about these graceful women. Now that more and more people […]

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205+ Beautiful Wolf Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women This Year

Wolf tattoos represent loyalty, strength, determination, freedom, and intelligence. I've had several animal tattoos but my wolf forearm tattoo is an all-time favorite. Not only does it look amazing, but it also serves as a reminder to help me stay strong and determined as I go about living and improving my life. Getting a wolf […]

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Samurai Tattoo Meaning With 150+ Awesome Tattoo Ideas For Samurai Enthusiasts

The samurai tattoo represents courage, self-discipline, nobility, protection and much more. In the past, I noticed a pattern in people who requested the samurai tattoo. Most of them had some connection with the samurai while others were historians who have studied and developed a love for the samurai. This garnered my interest to learn about […]

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Samoan Tattoo Meaning With 140 Gorgeous Images For Inspiration

Samoan tattoos have different meanings but they generally symbolize honor, courage, power, and endurance. I've always been a little obsessed with traditional tattoos. My search for the meaning behind the amazing Samoan tattoo designs started after I noticed a resemblance between the Rock's and Roman Reigns's tattoos. They both wear Samoan tattoos to represent the […]

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115 Neck Tattoos for Men: No Need to Pop Your Collar With These Designs

From flowers to skulls and crowns, there are many designs to choose from if you want a neck tattoo. I'm not going to lie - tattooing the neck isn't an easy task, but I relish the challenge. This is why I like to stay on top of the latest and most popular designs - to […]

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110 Weed Tattoo Ideas to Get You Feeling High

From marijuana leaves to creative and wacky, there are many different options for a weed tattoo. I have a lot of fun designing weed tattoos. People tend to get really imaginative with these tattoos and I love creating designs based on their crazy ideas. In this post, I will show you the different types of […]

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Snake and Dagger Tattoo Meaning With 120+ Astonishing Images for You to Try

The snake and dagger tattoo is a popular tattoo that symbolizes bravery, strength, accomplishment, the triumph of good over evil, and overcoming obstacles. I love the snake and dagger tattoo due to its versatility. With thousands of options for snake species, there is always room to create a tattoo unique to you. My snake and […]

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135+ Mexican Tattoo Ideas for an Authentic Tattoo Design

From the Mexican flag to Chicano designs, there are many different types of Mexican tattoos that you can get. I lived in Mexico for a few years as a tattoo artist. During this time, I was able to witness the type of tattoos that were popular there. Some were based on ancient pride of their […]

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110 Hunting Tattoo Ideas to Commemorate Your Favorite Pastime

From bow hunting to landscape designs, there are plenty of hunting tattoos for you to choose from. I spent several years in Montana and during this time, I got to design a lot of different hunting tattoos - and hear many war stories along the way. While I have never hunted myself, meeting the hunters […]

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