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60 Baddie Hairstyles For A Flawless Look

by Sherri Owens

Straight back hairstyles with center parting, cornrows, and jumbo braids, especially in blonde are signature TikTok and Instagram baddie hairstyles. This is because they are versatile and elegant.

Box braids are a personal favorite baddie hairstyle since they are protective of your hair, can last for as long as two months, and can be styled in different ways. There are also other hairstyles you can get for a gorgeous baddie look.

Here are 60 baddie hairstyles for inspiration so you won't run out of baddie hair ideas anytime soon!

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Baddie Hairstyles For Inspiration

1. Short Curly Baddie Hairstyles

Short curly hair with brown ends and well-laid edges. This amazing look can be achieved with your own hair, hair extensions, or a wig.

Short curly hair with brown ends

Image by @ayeitsemely via Instagram

2. Straight Back Baddie Hairstyles

This cute simple straight-back hairstyle is perfect for lazy days.

Straight Back Baddie Hairstyle

Image by @baddieoutfits2k20 via Instagram

3. Simple All Back Cornrows

Cornrows are for all hair types, so get your cornrows regardless of your hair texture.

Simple All Back Cornrows Hair

Image by @anais_la_belge via Instagram

4. Medium-Length Ponytail

Ponytails make your face pop effortlessly. This medium-length ponytail with curly ends and curves is a good choice if you're looking for something simple for summer.

Medium Length Ponytail With Curly Ends

Image by @ via Instagram

5. Side-Path Frontal Baddie Hairstyles

This bouncy black hair with side parting and curly ends is one of the baddest baddie hairstyles. I like how neat the frontal installation looks. With the right outfit, this hairstyle is a 10/10.

Bouncy Black Hair With Side Parting and Curly Ends

Image by @shanshairpalace._ via Instagram

6. Blonde Braids

We all know that braids are perfect for any occasion. However, blonde is a great braid color to achieve a baddie look.

Long Blonde Braids

Image by @arnellcalvin via Instagram

7. Artistic Cornrows

This lovely cornrows hairstyle with well-laid edges and silver accessories gives the Instagram baddie vibe. You can also get a wig that comes with this style of cornrows.

Cornrows Hairstyle With Well-Laid Edges and Silver Accessories

Image by @emilly.catrinck via Instagram

8. Long Curly Baddie Hairstyle

Aren't these curls lovely? The full curls and perfect, well-gelled center parting of this hairdo give the ultimate baddie vibe.

Long Thick Curly Hair

Image by @emilly.catrinck via Instagram

9. High Ponytail

Ponytails are beautiful and versatile. They're also quick and easy to do. This particular ponytail style is simple and it's the perfect baddie hairstyle for work.

Simple High Ponytail

Image by @shower_me_fierce via Instagram

10. Gladiator Baddie hairstyles

This has a high bun with cornrows at the side, giving a slight Viking appearance.

High Bun with Cornrows At The Side

Image by @hair.x.claudia via Instagram

11. Lovely Brunette Crown

This gorgeous brown mane is a lovely hairstyle for any event. You may not naturally have straight hair but with a good flat iron, you're good to go.

Saucy spring hair

Image by @logwood_styles via Instagram

12. Box Braids with Fringe

An interesting way to add some creativity to your hairstyle is by incorporating colors and fringes like these green and black beaded box braids.

Box Braids with Fringe

Image by @baddbih2022 via Instagram

13. Blunt Cut Bob

Bob cuts are easily one of the simplest hairstyles to do. This blonde bob cut with white and silver streaks can be achieved with a wig, hair extensions, or your natural hair.

Blunt Cut Bob Hair

Image by @_tprettycommittee via Instagram

14. Black and Magenta Hair

Black and magenta pair seamlessly in this baddie hairstyle to give an adventurous look.

Black and Magenta Hair

Image by @tangledupwithkarlee via Instagram

15. Knotless Braids

These knotless braids are neat and gorgeous. Knotless braids are popular hairstyles that all baddies love. You can switch it up by trying out different sizes and color trends.

Neat and Gorgeous Knotless Braid

Image by @braidsbyieesha via Instagram

16. Braids with Beads Baddie Hairstyles

This style incorporates short braided natural hair with cute beads. An interesting thing about these braids is that you get to style them whichever way you like.

Braids with Beads

Image by @hairby.crissy via Instagram

17. Gorgeous Baddie Hairstyle

This crimson hairstyle is stunning. The red makes the short, straight hair pop. It's giving some serious Instagram baddie vibe.

Paprika and Crimson Hair

Image by @hairbywanchie_ via Instagram

18. Black Hairdo With Blonde Tips Ponytail

The high bun with a long wavy ponytail and blonde highlight is a quick and easy hairstyle you can do all by yourself. All you need are rubber bands, hair gel, and an old toothbrush to lay your edges.

High Bun With Blonde Tips Ponytail

Image by @lalaadditup via Instagram

19. Waist-Length Braids With Hair Cuffs

Need a simple baddie hairstyle that will last? This style is what you need. The cuffs added help the hairdo glow a bit.

Waist Length Braids With Hair Cuffs

Image by @premierehair1 via Instagram

20. Long Curly Hair

Every Instagram baddie needs to rock this long, curly hair with frontal. It's chic and classy.

Long Curly Hair with Frontal

Image by @diorrr_.fitz via Instagram

21. Slick Back Buns

These slick back buns are neat and sleek, making your face pop on a whole different level. They're also easy to make. Just watch a YouTube video on how to get the sleekest bun.

Neat and Sleek Slick Back

Image by @_rainyposteddat_ via Instagram

22. Cute High Bun

This cute high bun with side braids and beads gives a very youthful look.

Cute High Bun With Side Braids and Beads

Image by @stephanieduraan via Instagram

23. Messy High Buns

Buns are another gorgeous option if you want to keep your hair away from your skin. I can't get enough of these buns. The slight messiness gives it a flirtatious, baddie look.

Gorgeous Messy High Buns

Image by @_rainyposteddat_ via Instagram

24. Low Bun Baddie Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for an Instagram baddie that wants to take a quick outfit picture before switching to another hairdo.

Low Bun Shiny Hairstyle

Image by @thebaddieinspo via Instagram

25. Jumbo Braids Baddie Hairstyles

Jumbo braids are the most fun protective style there is. They are also easy to plait.

Fun Jumbo Braids

Image by @_rainyposteddat_ via Instagram

26. Straight Red Hair

This straight hair with a center parting is a simple baddie hairstyle that can be styled to your taste. Perfect for a casual outing with friends.

Straight Red Hair With Center Part

Image by @saraahhh____bb via Instagram

27. Red Bohemian Braid

This medium red braid hairstyle with curly ends is simple with a little twist of daring.

Red knotless box braids

Image by @tiissue via Instagram

28. Short Blonde Hair

Blonde has to be one of the most popular and fun color trends. This short blonde hair can be worn in different ways.

Short Messy Blonde Hair

Image by @iintriguing via Instagram

29. Luxurious Baddie Hair

This long, bouncy, luxurious baddie hair with side parting is on point. It show that you're a confident woman.

Bouncy Long Hair With Side Parting

Image by @csluxuryextensions via Instagram

30. Blonde-Black Braid Mix

Mixing colors is a trendy way to rock your braid hairstyles. This bohemian braid with a blonde-black color mix is a hit.

Bohemian Braid With A Blonde Black Color

Image by @realparismarie via Instagram

31. Blonde Side Ponytail

These two ponytails on blonde straight hair are a cute baddie hairstyle to try out.

two ponytails on blonde straight hair

Image by @glowsbycoco via Instagram

32. Loose Curls with High Bun

Loose wavy hair with HD lace frontal and high bun.

Loose Curls with High Bun

Image by @iamcrystalcarter via Instagram

33. Bantu Knots

This lovely baddie hairstyle is a great option for an Instagram baddie. The bantu baddie hair is in red and I just can't get enough of the look.

Red Bantu knots

Image by @adore.yourhair via Instagram

34. Lemonade Cornrows

These juicy lemonade cornrows are neat and attractive. I like how the front baby hair are laid so beautifully.

Long lemonade cornrows

Image by @adore.yourhair via Instagram

35. Double Buns Baddie Hairstyles

Take a look at these gorgeous and classy Instagram baddie hairstyles. The lines between the 2 buns are neat and the edges are well laid.

Double Buns For Curly Hair

Image by @damnmybadd via Instagram

36. Braided Ponytail

This blonde braided ponytail with a side fringe is beautiful and unique. It's the perfect baddie hair for boss babes.

blonde braided ponytail

Image by @the_melaninopedia via Instagram

37. Long Curly Hair

This long brunette hair with a messy front weave is perfect for when a baddie wants to go grocery shopping.

Coffee Brown Long Wavy Hair

Image by @victoria_nicole_3 via Instagram

38. Simple Short Hair

This hairstyle is achieved by making cornrows with natural hair and attaching the extensions carefully with a needle and thread. It's simple and practical.

Cornrows with Natural Short Hair

Image by @damiluxurybeauty via Instagram

39. Colorful Baddie Hairstyles

If you want to dye your hair and are yet to find a hue that clicks, this lovely green might be the color for you.

Turquoise Blue Green Color For Usual Hair

Image by @isria0nlyfans via Instagram

40. Short Curly Hair

Short curly hair with mini basket weave, front bun, and small silver accessories. It's a simple baddie hairstyle that is really cute.

Short curly hair with some accessories and braids

Image by @miyhasitalauroitiro via Pinterest

41. Rough Brunette Braid

Braid hairstyles are many women's favorite because of how long they can last while still looking good. With just a little touch on the edges, you are good to go.

Brunette Braid For A Dusky Chic

Image by @teh_hillah via Instagram

42. Super Sleek Low Bun

This sleek low bun with teddy hair is simple, clean, and gorgeous. The baddie hairstyle is so flawless and stylish.

Simple and Sleek Low Bun with Teddy Hair

Image by @riyahmcwell17 via Pinterest

43. Simple Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair with a middle parting and white hair clips; just the baddie hair you need to look cute on a daily basis.

Long Straight Hair with Middle Part and White Clips

Image by @thesereena via Pinterest

44. Rubber Bands Hairstyle

This baddie hair has cute white rubber band designs in the front and middle. Get this done for a little adventure.

White Rubber Bands Style in the Front and Middle

Image by @hurley6598 via Pinterest

45. Simple High Ponytail Baddie Hair

This is a simple high ponytail with a cute side fringe. The baddie hair to keep you slaying as you go about your daily adventures.

High Ponytail With Side Fringe

Image by @pinksugarbimbo via Pinterest

46. Colorful Wavy Extensions

This hairstyle is full and colorful. The grey-blue-black combination is really lovely.

Grey Blue Black Colors For Short Curled Hair

Image by @pepperdoeshair via Instagram

47. Braid with Natural Hair

This big braid hairstyle on natural hair is so clean and flawless. It looks great paired with jeans and a tee.

Box braid hairstyle on natural hair

Image by @ms.everythiingg via Instagram

48. Brunette Natural Curls

No cap, these curls are just magical. The hue, volume, and length make it look amazing. You can achieve this look by doing a twist-out on your natural hair.

Thick Natural Blonde Curly Hair

Image by @aquelacamaleoa via Instagram

49. Short Wavy Hair

This black shoulder-length wavy hair with neat frontal installation is a bang. This hair is perfect for any occasion.

Shoulder Length Wavy Black and Silk Hair

Image by @prodsec4691 via Pinterest

50. Half Knotless Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle has heart-designed cornrows on the front part and knotless braids at the back. The well-laid edges enhance the beauty of this style.

Heart Designed Cornrows and Knotless Braids

Image by @ysabelasvalentin via Pinterest

51. Short Butterfly Locs

Neatly done black butterfly locs. Locs last long, and these can last all summer.

Short Black Butterfly Locs

Image by @LEONYERI via Instagram

52. Chunky Twists

These thick brunette twists look lovely and will go well with a short black gown.

Thick Chunky Brunette Twists

Image by @bridalshowerideas via Instagram

53. Side Braid on Long Hair

You should try braiding your long hair for a classy baddie look.

Classy Baddie Look Side Braid on Long Hair

Image by @keyla_moxxa97 via Pinterest

54. Lovely Bob Hairstyle

Trying out a Bob cut is a great option if you want to switch up your look. This clean, black bob cut is so easy to wear and manage.

Shortcut Bob Hair

Image by @LightInTheBox via Pinterest

55. Blonde Ponytail

Short ponytails are cute too. With the blonde effect, the style is perfection.

Blonde Short Messy Ponytail

Image by @amyehairandbeauty via Instagram

56. Black Pixie Cut

This black pixie cut with a full fringe is gorgeous and daring.

Black Pixie Cut With A Full Fringe

Image by @jaywill01 via Pinterest

57. Wine Hair

Don't you just love this beautiful wine hair? Just get it done, and you'll be ready to slay.

Wine Color For For A Short Hair

Image by @tezy622 via Pinterest

58. Colorful Mohawk

This grey-purple baddie hair is not that common but it sure is stunning. Mohawks are a type of cut that gives the baddest baddie vibe.

Grey and Purple Pixie Hair

Image by @curlynikki.com via Pinterest

59. Feed-in High Ponytail Braid

Step out looking like the boss babe you are with this glamorous high ponytail braid. I love how small the straight-back braid is in between the larger feed-in braid. The hair cuffs and hair color blend nicely, completing the stunning look.

Black and Brown High Pony Tail Braids

Image by @simirleyva2587 via Pinterest

60. Pretty Curls

These pretty, bouncy curls are styled into a high bun with a few strands dangling in front.

Natural Short Kinky Curly High Bun

Image by @meijiujinzun via Pinterest

Got inspiration for your next hair appointment from this list of beautiful baddie hairstyles? Here's a reminder to love and take care of your hair regardless of what kind of hairstyle you have. Your hair is your crown and you should wear it with all the confidence in the world.

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