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33 Elegant Blonde Box Braids Hairstyles To Try

by Sherri Owens

Blonde box braid is trendy, not just because it is a protective hairstyle, but also because there are several shades of blonde to choose from. These include platinum, honey and caramel, making it almost impossible to run out of hairstyles.

The battle of hair maintenance is one that most people are familiar with since excess wind can lead to dehydration and breakage, and too much sun is no better. 

That's when I found out about blonde box braids, the protective hairstyle that has saved my hair from damage while keeping it looking good regardless of the time of year.

Since I care so much about you (fellow baddies), I’ll be sharing 32 amazing blonde box braid hairstyles you can get to protect your hair and keep you looking great. 

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33 Blonde Box Braids To Get You Ready For The New Season

1. Average Length Box braids

These honey blonde box braids tied in a high, loose bun are a cute and fun style that's perfect for any casual occasion. Complete it with a simple black dress and you've achieved that effortless and classy look.

Average Length Box braids

Image by @washnews via Instagram

2. Knotless blonde box braids

Knotless braids are a personal favorite due to their protective nature and because they don't cause a lot of tension. This is a relief to my easily stressed scalp.

The ombre brown and blonde box braids are a must if you're itching for something different. The brown at the top of the braid is sure to complement your skin tone.

Knotless blonde box braids

Image by @marahhh_rose via Instagram

3. Afro-Caribbean vibe

Elegance and grace are all I see when I look at this style. It's going to be well worth the time to recreate it. The seamless blend of platinum and brown extensions work well to create a unique look that's suitable for relaxing or strolling on the beach.

Afro-Caribbean vibe

Image by @kinoshy via Instagram

4. Platinum blonde box braids

Want to have fun while slaying in the process? Then, this long platinum blonde box braid is perfect for you. The combo of loose and braided extensions are a reassurance of the fun experience you're sure to have with these chic braids.

Platinum Blonde Box Braids

Image by @braidsasyoulikeit via Instagram

5. Ombre blonde box braids

Don't you just love how versatile blonde ombre box braids are? The dark roots of the hair extension allow you to make use of this in several ways, tie in a bun and the darker blonde of the root will make it suitable for the office or you can let it free whenever you want to chill and hang out with your friends.

Ombre Blonde Box Braids

Image by @diamondalicia_ via Instagram

6. 2 shades

Look closely and you'll see the mixture of light and darker blonde that automatically gives you more options to use this style. Tie your hair in a loose ponytail if you want to go chill on a boat, or pull in a tight bun to get a look that turns heads as you proceed.

2 Shades

Image by @iamzoefoster via Instagram

7. Medium blonde braids

I'm not even surprised at how gorgeous these box braids are and how neat the scalp looks. The double strand of honey blonde and the remaining bright blonde braids provide a stunning contrast. It's held in a high bun that gives a bold and classy look.

Medium blonde braids

Image by @kyearahsbeauty via Instagram

8. Sparkles

Am I the only one feeling the sparkle of these blonde box braids? There is no such thing as too light to be blonde. That's why this blonde box braid style is soft, shiny, and blends perfectly with her skin tone.

Sparkles box braid

Image by @heysaba_ via Instagram

9. Trendy and Pretty

These ombre blonde box braids make a statement with how bomb they look. You can shift the pretty hairdo to the side to show off the details or leave it to flow freely.

ombre blonde box braids

Image by @phoebe_egwunye via Instagram

10. Simple blonde box braids

If you want a new look that isn't too edgy, this is the one for you. The dark hair helps create a nice ombre at the root of the hair that is really pretty. Can be styled in several ways depending on the mood you're in.

Simple blonde box braids

Image by @whodatcosmo via Instagram

11. Cornrows blonde braids

The creative pattern 0f these cornrows is so complex yet neat, that you can only achieve this style by going to a salon with true professionals. I'm in no doubt that her stylist is one. The caramel edge and the color of the light blond tip create a cool look that is comfortable yet stylish.

Cornrows blonde braids

Image by @itsmayanic0le via Instagram

12. Long blonde box braids

These are big light blonde box braids that highlight your scalp and face, making you look sharp and ready to take on the world. Don't you just love the details of the braids and the few strands of caramel blonde featured in between? You can secure it in a bun or choose to wear it loose and free.

Long blonde box braids

Image by @catherine7782 via Instagram

13. Chic ombre box braids

It's not news that ombre box braids are stylish and trendy. The light shade of blonde used for styling the hair at the tip is cool and suits a variety of outfits. The extensions protect the edge of your hair. You can enjoy this style all summer and not worry about hair damage.

Chic ombre box braids

Image by @sanniyahantoinette via Instagram

14. Beige blonde box braids

These are the perfect blonde box braids that you need for summer. The single-color long braids are a great protective style that can be worn all season if you maintain them properly. Beige blonde is versatile and goes with both dark skin and light skin with no fuss.

Beige blonde box braids

Image by @warkoczyki_samanti via Instagram

15. Long Sun-kissed blonde box braids

These platinum blonde box braids have a great length and good vibes, with thick braids that highlight the scalp. If styled well and worn with a dark eye shadow, the hairdo is perfect to express a boss personality.

Long Sun-kissed blonde box braids

Image by @locsandbraidsbytiffashton via Instagram

16. Newbie blonde box braids

Are you tired of your regular black box braids? Want to test the waters of blonde box braids but not sure? You really don't have to go all-in just yet. You can start with a few strands of blonde box braids and wait till it grows on you (it surely will) and then dive right in.

Newbie blonde box braids

Image by @__touchedbyb via Instagram

17. Curly brown blonde box braids

Is it just me or is this hairstyle really hot? The blonde is a beautiful shade that will suit any skin color, and the curls help the style stand out, giving the box braiding a gorgeous finish.

Curly brown blonde box braids

Image by @hairbymawuena_ via Instagram

18. Baddie blonde box braids

With half of the braid left free and half up, this shade of light blonde box braids is stylish and is the perfect hairdo for a monochrome outfit.

Baddie blonde box braids

Image by @sanniyahantoinette via Instagram

19. Shiny caramel blonde box braids

These caramel blonde box braids create a glow so perfect that we might need to put on some shades. If you want to make a subtle yet bold statement, go for these caramel blonde box braids. Be sure to look for a great hair stylist if you want yours looking this pretty.

Shiny caramel blonde box braids

Image by @caiden.holmes via Instagram

20. Waist-length blonde box braids

I have just one word for this: wow. This hairstyle exudes pure class. Get this done if you want to appear sophisticated yet gorgeous. Whether it's a work dinner or a night out with the top dogs, this style has got your back.

Waist-length blonde box braids

Image by @thebraidingexpert via Instagram

21. Classy medium and long blonde box braids

Why not switch up your good ol' single-shade blonde hairdo by adding a few strands of grey color extensions to help the box braids pop? I am positive this is going to be a great trend among daring baddies and I'm all for it.

Classy medium and long blonde box braids

Image by @touchebyryna via Instagram

22. 2 color jumbo box braids

When it comes to blonde jumbo braids, you can never run out of style. This hairstyle is a whole mood with black jumbo box braids on one side and platinum blonde braids on the other. This hairstyle looks super fun and creative. Can't wait to get mine done.

2 color jumbo box braids

Image by @itsbeerae via Instagram

23. Smooth blonde ombre box braids

These half-braided blonde box braids are convenient and easy to maintain since they are lightweight with well-defined squares. This allows you to easily moisturize your hair and scalp. This style would be great for chilling at home and to look peng when you want to flex around the neighborhood.

Smooth blonde ombre box braids

Image by @gsvortexhair via Instagram

24. Pretty blonde box braids for kids

Want to switch up your kid's look a bit for an occasion? Try these cute blonde box braids. The style is simple and your child will not have to sit for hours since the squares are large. The curls at the tip of the hair tops the cap, making this suitable for kids.

Pretty blonde box braids for kids

Image by @hair.bygeo via Instagram

25. 2 Color medium knotless

A mixture of dark brown and caramel blonde box braids is sure to give you a boost of confidence while making you look refined and elegant.

2 Color medium knotless

Image by @mariahstouch via Instagram

26. Blonde braids with beads

You can never go wrong with cornrows, and this blonde braid right here is proof of that. The beads used to beautify the hairdo are pretty and bold. As someone who has attempted and failed with beads, this hairstyle requires a certain level of daring to pull off.

Blonde braids with beads

Image by @tasalahq via Instagram

27. Short blonde braids

This is your sign to go get that light blonde hairstyle you've been reluctant to do because you think it wouldn't suit your dark skin. The very light blonde braids suit dark skin tones perfectly. I prefer mine longer but this looks heavenly nonetheless.

Short blonde braids

Image by @naturalhairfeed via Pinterest

28. Goddess blonde box braids

Why does this remind me of Daenerys (mother of dragons) from the Game of Thrones? It's probably due to the white blonde box braids that automatically translate to authority. This hairdo is elegant, subtly demanding respect, and I'm loving it.

Goddess blonde box braids

Image by @samsanykelly via Pinterest

29. Loose blonde box braids

Loose blonde box braids are edgy and captivating and can enhance the look of monochrome outfits. It pops if worn with black or brown monochrome outfits.

Loose blonde box braids

Image by @danijayduh via Pinterest

30. Micro braids

If you are a braids lover and don't mind investing long hours to get the perfect hairdo, then this hairstyle should be a dream come true. If you are ready to invest time in its maintenance, you'll be able to keep this looking pretty for a long while.

Micro braids

Image by @Adizahaircollections via Pinterest

31. Large short bob box braids

Short hair is my go-to whenever I want to travel or visit a new place, especially for work. It's easy to maintain and suitable for any environment. This short bob box braid gives honey blonde box braids inspo.

Large short bob box braids

Image by @acarvalho8674 via Pinterest

32. Honey blonde box braids with beads

The honey blonde braids are flattering to the skin tone and the added brown and nude-colored bead is unique and makes the braids stand out.

Honey blonde box braids with beads

Image by @wattpad via Pinterest

33. Extra-long blonde box braids

This might be the last on our list but that doesn't mean it's the least. Why settle for long when you can go for extra-long braids? The extra length gives you the choice to style your hair however you want, and that is why I'm all for the length.

Extra-long blonde box braids

Image by @SlayinQueens via Pinterest

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Protective Hairstyle?

A protective hairstyle minimizes hair damage by keeping the ends of your hair protected. During winter, these hairstyles will keep your hair hydrated and cared for. In summer, you can go swimming without worrying about getting your hair wet because your hair is protected. Examples of protective hairstyles include box braids, crochet hair, flat twist, two-stranded twist, braided ponytail, and others.

What Are Box Braids?

Box braids are protective hairstyles that have a box or square-shaped division. The box braid is the most protective hairstyle there is because it helps diminish breakage. Since you don't have to use heating irons or style your hair daily, it allows your hair to rest, giving room for repair and growth while keeping you looking elegant and classy.

Why Are Blonde Box Braids So Popular?

They say that blondes have more fun. Well, blonde box braids help to maximize your enjoyment, since you'll be getting protection for your hair with a sophisticated twist. This is probably why A-listers and celebs like Beyonce, Solange, Blac Chyna, Bo Derek, Alycia Bella, Christina Aguilera, and Jada Pinkett are big fans of the style.

Seen a look here that you can't wait to try out? Well, that makes the two of us. Have fun recreating.

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