1. Art directed & Photographed by us (Durimel)

    Null & Boys- 

    Slept in, Hung out. Life went, one route. Street is our mother tongue…we’re just Null & boys.   

    (Source: durimel.com)


  2. Photographed by us (Durimel)

    The 8th day of the week seems so far away

    - Jalan and Jibril Durimel 

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  3. AXS Folk Technology Spring/Summer 2015 Look-book

    Art directed and Photographed by - Us/ Durimel

    Designed by - Kyle Ng

    Definitely one of our favorite photo projects so far. We were excited to shoot the collection just after seeing the fabrics Kyle used. There’s an interesting play on fits and technical design that caught our eyes so we had some fun!   

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  4. 'The true story about sun City'

    We spoke on ideas of making spaces more admirable. It made us think of daylight.

    Malibu, California

    Photographed by us: (Durimel)

    - Jalan and Jibril

    (Source: durimel.com)


  5. Photographed by us: (Durimel)

    N√Źdo - Color mania today…and that’s how we hope to keep it!

    - Jalan and Jibril Durimel 

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