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35 Baddie Nails To Express Your Inner Baddie

by Sherri Owens

Noticed your timeline has been going crazy with trendy baddie acrylic nails? They are usually square-shaped nails, long, and have a daring and captivating color. Girls love them due to how they help bring out their wild side.

Baddie acrylic nails are the number 1 choice for girls that want to switch up their looks or transition from being a softie to a baddie.

Baddie nails put you in a new light that commands respect and express confidence. That's why I love them so much. Take a look at these 35 baddest baddie nails I came across on nailspiration. Hop on that baddie train and let's go.

35 Lovely Baddie Nails

1. Pink Baddie Nails With Jewels

Starting with these long square shape nails that have a lot going on. It has jewel-shaped rhinestones arranged on the index nail, with glitter on the thumb and middle fingers. The ring finger has a wave-like sweep of deep and light shades of pink that is a pretty blend. The little fingernail has long french tips that bring the whole look to life.

Pink Baddie Nails With Jewels

Image by @nailsbybayleigh via Instagram

2. Rainbow Ombre Acrylic Baddie nails

Well hello, gorgeous. Get ready for spring with this amazing ombre acrylic nail design. It has a nude root combined with yellow, orange, blue, and purple nail polish on different nails, creating beautiful baddie acrylic nails.

Rainbow Ombre Acrylic Nails

Image by @setsbyvia via Instagram

3. Pretty Acrylic Baddie Nails With Pink Butterflies

Long nails, gold decals, glitter, and butterflies. Show me a badder baddie nail, I'm waiting. This baddie acrylic nail design checks all the baddie nails requirements with everything going on here. This classic nail art is sure to make you stand out.

Pink and Pretty Nails With Butterflies

Image by @nailsbybayleigh via Instagram

4. Red Cruciform Baddie Acrylic Nails

This look must have been created in nail heaven. The neutral polish on the root blends well with the skin tone. I want to say the red ombre and french tips red acrylic nail design on different nails take the crown here. Nothing beats the red and black cross added to the nails.

Chrome Hearts Freestyle Nails

Image by @clawsbyclarkk via Instagram

5. Glam Baddie Acrylic Nails

Nude and white are a timeless classic. These amazing baddie nails have the right length. The nude and white ombre are flattering and the bubbles added to the ring nails are fun.

The flowers and small rhinestones are placed on the acrylic nails so perfectly. You'll need a good nail technician if you hope to recreate this.

Nude and White Acrylic Nails

Image by @nailssbynancy via Instagram

6. Glow in The Dark Baddie Acrylic Nails

This long square shape nail art is just magical. This look can only be achieved with durable false nails to allow the nail tech to decorate this extensively.

They went all out with intense silver glitter on the little nail, and a perfect angel feather design on the middle finger nail. I think pink silver will work well here but this also looks great. This is the perfect acrylic nail design for a birthday party.

Long Square Nail With Intense Silver Glitter

Image by @nailsbykaryna via Instagram

7. Wild 90s Acrylic Baddie Nails

This nail art has been spiced up a bit by the addition of stiletto nails to the set. The long false nails are a perfect blend of white and black leaf details and dots. The combination creates a wild look that is edgy and captivating.

90s Acrylic Baddie Nails

Image by @nailswithniko via Instagram

8. Classic Beige Baddie Nails

Where are my classy baddies at? You don't always have to go extra to create a baddie nails look as proven in this simple acrylic nail design set. It has beige coffin nails with jewels and acrylic petals on it, along with a white accent nail on the little finger.

Simple Beige Acrylic Nails

Image by @billionnails.jum via Instagram

9. Unique Colorful Baddie Nails

I've never seen a colorful acrylic nail design like this before. It is unique with green, pink, light purple, and yellow flowers on long nude nails. This is a fun acrylic nail design to add a delightful touch to your baddie adventure.

Nude Nails With Colorful Nail Art

Image by @tippedoff_by_jes_ via Instagram

10. Glass Tips Dior Baddie Nails

These acrylic nails exude pure class and I'm loving it. The Dior nail tip added gives this nail set an expensive and classy look. If you feel the nails don't draw as much attention as you want, you can add a large jewel to create a look that won't be forgotten easily.

Glass Dior Nail Tip Design

Image by @nailedbypalma via Instagram

11. Green Marble Acrylic Nails

Selected a nail for your next nail appointment? If not, well you're lucky, since you can get this baddie nails done as soon as possible. This features long, square marble nails created by a sweep of light and a darker shade of lemon green. The nude tones added on two nails are cute and the perfect choice with that shade of green.

Long Square Green Marble Nails

Image by @neivissarabia19 via Pinterest

12. Goddess Acrylic Baddie Nails

This acrylic nail design was probably inspired by Nicki's Ganga burn due to the placement of the gold rhinestones, creating a royalty-inspired look that is stunning. You can never go wrong with gold rhinestones which is why I'll recreate this with heart embellishments.

Milky White Nails with gold rhinestones

Image by @thephoenixeffectt via Instagram

13. Neon Trendy Baddie Acrylic Nails

The glow we're getting from this neon color coffin baddie acrylic nail design is unique. The nude blends perfectly with the skin tone, making the nails look elegant and fancy. The acrylic nail design is classic and is sure to brighten your mood just by looking at them.

Neon Color Trendy Nails

Image by @ecpressonnails via Instagram

14. Baddie Acrylic Nails With Pink Details

You can't get this work of art in just any nail salon. You need to get a superb nail tech to successfully recreate this stunning nail design. The ombre effect is achieved easily with the different shades of pink used from blush to hot pink. The glitter added turns it into a seductive high fashion look.

Acrylic Nails With Pink Details

Image by @china_nailedit via Instagram

15. Cute Baddie Acrylic Nails

Need to take a little break from the always bold baddie nails look? Well, hop on this trendy baddie acrylic nail that has white flowers with little sparkling stones. The fake nails have a natural look and a dreamy finish that we just can't help but love.

Nail with White Flowers with Little Sparkling Stones

Image by @nailsbyandrea___ via Instagram

16. Dark Marble Baddie Acrylic Nail Design

Who knew marbles could look this chic and fancy? This baddie nail is a dark and elegant design that elevates your look. This style is aesthetically pleasing and perfect for bold design lovers. The cool vibe of this baddie nail is perfect for a date night.

Dark Marble Acrylic Nail Design

Image by @nailzbyperlz via Instagram

17. Color Bomb Acrylic Baddie Nail

The acrylic nail design used for this nail set is simple. The nail's look is elevated by the rhinestones and colorful sticks added to the nail. This look is fit for a festival where you need to stand out with a host of colors.

Rhinestones and Colorful Sticks Acrylic Press Nails

Image by @thedyzrdesign via Instagram

18. Clear Acrylic Baddie Nails

This is another simple everyday acrylic nail design to keep you looking high-toned as you go about your daily adventures. It is made with clear medium-length nails with white flowers and little stones used to add some shimmer. The ombre is just an extra because this style is still pretty with or without it.

Prettiest Pink and Soft Touch Nails

Image by @nailedbykiley via Instagram

19. Sculpture Coffin Baddie Acrylic Nail Design

Talk about classy. This expensive-looking nail design is a high-quality salon-style nail. It has different nail styles on each nail, mainly red and black, and the matte grey color nail design on the ring nail elevates the whole look.

It is also slightly muted by the nude transparent nail on the little finger. The glossy style nail is perfect for those who want to look bold.

Sculpture Coffin Acrylic Nail Design

Image by @nailsbysuchan via Instagram

20. Instagram Baddie Nails

Well, this nail look has a unique twist and has been banging on my Instagram timeline. It has nude at the center, and a black and white creative design that completely surrounds the nail. This is an abstract art nail that looks daring and cool. Only the real baddies can pull off this look.

Nude Black and White Creative Design Surrounds The Nail

Image by @sudiornails via Instagram

21. Hand Painted Baddie Nails

This matte hand-painted nail design is too cool not to make this baddie nail list. The details on the nail are just perfect. The nail features both stiletto and coffin baddie nails with bright yellow and green paint that makes it look adventurous and breathtaking.

Hand Painted Black, Yellow, Green Baddie Nails

Image by @j.eennyxbeauty via Instagram

22. Nude and Teal Acrylic Nail Design

Nude and teal are an amazing blend that I've never given a second thought to till now.

This nail makes a statement that is sure to pop against a whole host of colors. The lines of glitter and rhinestones added add shimmer to the whole design. This will go well with any monochrome outfit, especially black.

Nude and Teal Acrylic Nail Design

Image by @nailedbyrayven via Instagram

23. Magical Purple Nails

This fairy tale-looking baddie nail is just out of this world. It has silver star-like stickers with rhinestones on some nails. The green leaf added on the index nail gives the nails an underwater-like appearance that is just too cool to handle.

This baddie nail is apt for a wedding party or baby shower.

Magical Purple Acrylic Nails

Image by @j.eennyxbeauty via Instagram

24. Hello Kitty Theme Nails

There's an overdose of cuteness on this kitty-theme nails with the embellishments used to complete the beautiful nail design. The little kitties are fixed on the middle fingernail, there's a star on the index finger, rhinestones on the thumb, and cruciform stones on the little fingernail. This style passes the baddie nail test even though it looks so adorable. Save this for your next appointment.

Hello Kitty Theme Acrylic Nails

Image by @clawssbys via Instagram

25. Long Square Purple And Green Nails With Pearls

The pearls on this baddie acrylic set are enough to generate good feelings when you look at it.

The large lollipop and heart embellishments added increased the fun level of this nail by 70%. There's no such thing as too much fun, right? The purple and green tips are just superb together, creating a great contrast.

Purple And Green Acrylic Nails With Pearls

Image by @clawssbys via Instagram

26. Nude and Magenta Acrylic Nails

Get this baddie nail design done if you want to look bold while maintaining a glossy look. The nude accent stiletto nail makes the baddie aesthetic complete with the gold decals and rhinestones added to it.

Nude and Magenta Acrylic Nails

Image by @j.eennyxbeauty via Instagram

27. Boss Lady Baddie Nails

Aren't you just obsessed with this black and nude wonder? The nail is a combination of calm and daring.

The little fingernail is beige with black flowers that are pure mystery, and gold decals attached to the index fingernail. The black of the square nail creates a perfect oval for the beige color that is just enchanting.

Black and Nude Beige Acrylic Nails

Image by @alo_nailedit via Instagram

28. Medium Length Horoscope Nails

Where are the Libra baddies? This is specifically for y'all. The pink and nude nails go hand in hand to create a subtle blend. The simple jewel rhinestones added incorporate a shine to the nail design, making it perfect for baddies that want to up their neutral styles game a bit.

Pink and Nude Nails with Simple Jewel Rhinestones

Image by @lexxurylounge via Instagram

29. Gel Baddie Nails

Another simple and stunning baddie nail to recreate. This is pretty, with little stones and pink glittery tips that make it shimmery. I have several ideas for this baddie set and I prefer longer lengths.

Little Stones and Pink Glittery Nails

Image by @garak_nails via Instagram

30. Bling Gel Plasticine Nails

With just the right length to express its perfection, this nail remind me of the milky way. The green glitter gives the look a dreamy finish. The silver stones added are not necessary in my opinion but it still works well here.

Green Glitter with Silver Stones Plasticine Nails

Image by @garak_nails via Instagram

31. Summer Baddie Acrylic Nails

Do these pretty nails not remind you of summer? The look has an amazing yellow and nude combination that makes you wish summer was here already. Pair it with any outfit and step out looking bright as a daisy. You can dazzle em with the glow from these nails even from distance away.

Yellow and Nude Combination Nails

Image by @garak_nails via Instagram

32. Colorful Baddie Nails With Silver Glitter

This colorful nail is spectacular; each nail has a different color, with yellow, purple, turquoise blue, pink, and white talons. The silver glitter added is barely there but gives the nail appearance a subtle glow that looks bright and fun.

Colorful Baddie Nails With Silver Glitter

Image by @garak_nails via Instagram

33. Crocodile Acrylic Nails

We knew crocodile acrylic nail design was making a comeback but who knew they'd look this hot? The acrylic nail design reminds me of summer with its blue and green patterns on the right hand and the pink lavender vibe on the right.

Crocodile Acrylic Nails

Image by @nailzzbylilzz via Instagram

34. Green Acrylic Nail Design

This shade of green will make you wish the world was a greener place. The acrylic nail design took a different twist I didn't see coming because who would've thought green and nude despite their contrast would work this well together?

Green and Nude Acrylic Nails

Image by @spicedup.nails via Instagram

35. Red French Tips

Red acrylic nails? Is this hot or what? This acrylic nail design is a work of art, but the transparent stones added on the red Frenchies take mastery to recreate.

Red and Milk White French Nails

Image by @euphoricnailshop via Instagram

Ready to get your baddie nails done? I promised to deliver the baddest baddie acrylic nail designs and I hope I succeeded.

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