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45 Stunning Graduation Nails That Are Sure To Make You Stand Out

by Sherri Owens

It's graduation season! Students have been trooping in to get their nails done in the most elegant way possible. Most like to go all out (no surprise there, it's graduation) with long nails, pretty wave patterns, marbles, and jeweled rhinestones.

Others like to keep it simple by getting a single-color nail design and spicing things up with an accent nail or cute color french tips. Tons of people lean towards bright colored nails with jewels and rhinestones since they pair perfectly with the usually bland cap and gown.

Take a look at these 45 stunning graduation nails cataloged just for you to help you look your best and slay on graduation day.

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45 Incredible Graduation Nail Ideas

1. Shimmery Goodness

Why shouldn't you go all out for graduation? The extra-long square nails are definitely going to make a statement with how shiny and shimmery they are. A lot of people will be slaying for graduation, so you have to go the extra mile if you want to stand out.

shimmery grad nails

Image by @klawzbykota via Instagram

2. Nude Nails with Flowers

Need a calm and high class for graduation day? Well, here you go. This classy graduation nails is a blend of nude and white in the most perfect way possible.

Nude Nails With Flowers

Image by @nailsby_vivianaa via Instagram

3. Black and Nude Nails

The gorgeous gold rhinestones added on the accent nail here are just on another level of astonishing, the nude and black contrast so well to create a subtle and elegant look.

Black and Nude Nails

Image by @flawlesstips_liz via Instagram

4. 3D Flower Graduation Nails

These graduation nails are just spectacular. The 3D flowers and shining stones add extra glam to the graduation nail design's appearance.

3D Flower Graduation Nails

Image by @toxicanails_byjessica via Instagram

5. Nude Ombre Graduation Nails

Searching for a cute graduation nail idea? Well, call off the search party. You're welcome. The ombre of this nail art goes almost unnoticed because of how nicely it blends. What takes the crown though is the gold rhinestones and 3d flowers added.

Nude Ombre Graduation Nails

Image by @clawsbyylea via Instagram

6. White Graduation Nails with Rhinestones

Why look simple when you could look phenomenal? Go all out with these long nude and white graduation nail to create a nail look that will give you butterflies whenever you see the pics.

White Graduation Nails with Rhinestones

Image by @nailssbymiranda via Instagram

7. Cute French Tips with Pearls

Show me a more perfect manicure to use on your special day. This simple nail art idea is unique and subtle for your graduation day.

Cute French Tips with Pearls

Image by @nailzbyandy via Instagram

8. Pointy Glamorous Stiletto Nails

This rare nail art is stylish and feminine. It will go with any outfit you choose for graduation since it's a transparent nail with white outstanding rhinestones.

Pointy Glamorous Stiletto Nails

Image by @pocanailedit via Instagram

9. Spring Graduation Nails

This is an elegant nail art inspired by spring. The flowers look so real and the shiny gel polish is all you need for adding that sophisticated and subtle glamorous look for your big day.

Spring Graduation Nails

Image by @yaneryxnails via Instagram

10. Beige Graduation Nails

A simple nail design with an ombre of beige and light nude nails. The added stones complement the nail art in the best way possible.

Beige Graduation Nails

Image by @slayed_by_ari via Instagram

11. Glow in the Dark Graduation Nails

Have fun with your graduation nails by getting a beautiful manicure with red lettering that creates an absolutely amazing look. You could also use your school colors to make it more fun.

Glow in the Dark Graduation Nails

Image by @nailsbyxvmena via Instagram

12. Short Gel Manicure

More proof that you can't go wrong with a nude manicure. The short nails are glowy and elegant. The whole blue-green vibe going on here is something I'm loving.

Short Gel Manicure

Image by @nailsbykcb via Instagram

13. Graduation Cap Nail Art

These classy graduation nails feature navy blue coffin nails with a graduation cap. The graduation nail is cool and lowkey and would be loved by baddies that love single nail color.

Graduation Cap Nail Art

Image by @keikomusoga via Instagram

14. Red Gel Overlay

Keep your graduation nails simple with this red gel overlay. This is quite subtle, except for the small stones and flowers added to the ring fingernails.

Red Gel Overlay nails

Image by @k.bnailedit via Instagram

15. A Hint of Gold

Stun on graduation day with these long square graduation nails with gold foil. Recreate this splendid look without being too extra.

Grad Nails with a Hint Of Gold

Image by @crispenvisions via Instagram

16. Simple Grey

Just take a look at that accent nail, it makes the whole look refined with restrained elegance.

Simple Grey nails

Image by @shaniasharpe_aesthetic via Instagram

17. Marble Graduation Nails

This coffin shape beauty took a lot of hard work. Add your school graduation year if you wanna top up the fun.

Marble Graduation nails

Image by @nailedbymilly via Instagram

18. Reflective Glitter Graduation Nails

Need a classic french tip manicure to wow everyone? Here you go.

Reflective Glitter Graduation Nails

Image by @diamonddripnails via Instagram

19. Pink Classy Graduation Nails

Do you love this creative light pink and square nail art with a bow? Well, that makes two of us.

Pink Classy graduation nails

Image by @whosnext_byanaryh via Instagram

20. Graduation Nails with Red Crystals

Seen a badder graduation nail art? I doubt. The classy red crystals on the pink and silver glitter nails make it look expensive and classy. Recreate or not?

Graduation Nails with Red Crystals

Image by @nails_by_kathyyy via Instagram

21. Cool Color Graduation Nails

Use cool colors on your nails as shown here to match your graduation cap and gown.

Cool Color Graduation Nails

Image by @sydds_nails via Instagram

22. Pink V-cut Graduation Nails

V-cut nails are a trendy style at the moment. No surprise there, since they are so cute and perfect for a near-summer graduation celebration.

Pink V-cut Graduation Nails

Image by @nailsby_luz25 via Instagram

23. Ombre White Graduation Nails

3D graduation nail ideas are becoming popular and I'm all for them. The blue crystals on the long nails are just what you need to compliment your graduation year outfit.

Ombre White Graduation Nails

Image by @fany.s_nails via Instagram

24. Gold Graduation Nails

Get your classy graduation nail in gold if you're all about the bling. This is giving the right amount of it.

Gold Graduation Nails

Image by @ronnies_nail_dsire via Instagram

25. Simple Coffin Graduation Nails

Take a look at these almost-white nails for graduation. This classy graduation nails design is minimal and would go well with a white dress.

Simple Coffin Graduation Nails

Image by @nailedbymilly via Instagram

26. Pink and White Graduation Nails

Who wants to look boring at graduation? Not me, which is why this fun-filled graduation nail design looks so appealing.

Pink and White Graduation Nails

Image by @naildbyjade via Instagram

27. Nude Classy Graduation Nails

Nude graduation nail ideas are a timeless classic. These nails with jewels represent this really well.

Nude Classy Graduation Nails

Image by @jaimetucker_aesthetics via Instagram

28. French Tip Nail Design

These nails are simple to recreate and flawless. The shiny top coat seals the deal, and the white is such that you can wear with any choice of clothing on your big day.

French Tip Nail Designs

Image by @miahxnails via Instagram

29. Simple Nude Nails

If I don't have a lot of time, this would be my go-to nail idea for my big day. The nude base makes the trendy silver glitter stand out beautifully.

Simple Nude Nails

Image by @sassysetz via Instagram

30. Cream Nails For Graduation

Nail designs look stunning in cream and this is no different. The white nails with pearls and flowers are sure to capture everyone's attention.

Cream Nails For Graduation

Image by @ciara.dunne.beauty via Instagram

31. Butterfly Rhinestones

These nails take the award for most classy graduation nails because it exudes pure class. The ombre and silver glitter blends well to create a stunning effect.

grad nails with Butterfly Rhinestones

Image by @rubyx.nails via Instagram

32. Hint of Purple

Noticed that purple has a way of blending with almost any color or outfit? That's why a touch of purple is always nice on nails for graduation.

Grad nails with a hint of Purple

Image by @nailsbyjjj via Instagram

33. Black Acrylic Nails

I'm obsessed with black, and it's no news that black is a classic. This makes it the most classy graduation nails you could go for. The shimmer going on here is just magical.

Black Acrylic Nails

Image by @nailsby__crystal via Instagram

34. Lavender Manicure

Lavender is a nice idea for nails, and this will also look nice in soft pink. Show that you're a queen among your friends by adding a silver adornment to match your grad gown.

Lavender Manicure

Image by @nailsby.illy via Instagram

35. Blue and Silver Nails Idea

Keep things simple and celebrate with these minimalist nails of bold blue nail polish and silver glitter.

Blue and Silver Nails Idea

Image by @gelsbyrenae via Instagram

36. Fiery Red Nails with Glitter

Let out your daring side a tad bit with these red glitter-filled classy graduation nails, with 3D flowers and little red rhinestones.

Fiery Red Nails with Glitter

Image by @aishas.beauty via Instagram

37. Blue Boss Babe Nails

Recreate this to take a stroll on the wild side with these short elegant navy blue nails filled with gold foil to dazzle the audience on your graduation occasion.

Blue Boss Babe Nails

Image by @glamournailsbyruby via Instagram

38. Nude, Black, Silver, Glitter

Stop your search for elegant ideas for classy graduation nails by getting these nude and black nails with a white line of silver glitter.

Nude, Black, Silver, Glitter nails

Image by @lilysnails.xo via Instagram

39. Gothic Graduation Nails

This one is for the gothic girls. The monochrome and red nail art is dark as the gothic girls like it with a touch of gold decals and white to make the nail suitable for graduation.

Gothic Graduation Nails

Image by @zestebeautyhamilton via Instagram

40. Yellow and White Mani

Shine bright with this design of yellow and white waves that only a professional can achieve.

Yellow and White Mani

Image by @etsy via Pinterest

41. Beige Mani with Black Swirls

These swirl abstract nails are very trendy right now. The sparkle of this mani is festive, making it great for graduating.

Beige Mani With Black Swirls

Image by @milenakarganova via Pinterest

42. Gold Stiletto Mani

Glow like the queen you are as you rock this amazing nail design for graduation. The vibrant gold foil is trendy and adds glamour.

Gold Stiletto Mani

Image by @cinthiamagana27 via Pinterest

43. Brown Marbles

Marbles are so cute and the soft colors used to create the effect makes it suitable for matching it with several outfits. Can't wait to recreate this.

Brown Marbles Mani

Image by @irinairisskii via Pinterest

44. Neon Leopard Print

Only neon green lovers can pull off this interesting design. The leopard print transforms this into a cute graduation look.

Neon Leopard Print mani

Image by @lusterlacquer via Instagram

45. Multicolor Nails

Can't decide on a single nail color? Well, combine all of them to create an interesting look capable of generating envy.

Multicolor Nails

Image by @hayanoda via Pinterest

Seen a nail design you want to recreate? I'm not surprised, with how amazing all these graduation nails look. Get one done and collect your diploma looking stylish and elegant.

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