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65+ Teal Hair Color Ideas to Revive Your Look!

It doesn't matter if you want your whole head dyed teal or just a few strands - there are so many looks to inspire you. From bold to subtle, the options are endless. As a colorist who has worked on hair for years, I am here to help you navigate these tricky waters. Not only […]

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60 Short Ombre Hair Color Ideas to Get Excited About

The short ombre hair look is in! From your traditional brown and blonde ombre to brilliant hues like pink and green, the list goes on. I have been a stylist for a long time and have had the opportunity to give people a wide variety of ombre looks. So, I am qualified enough to introduce […]

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62 Bob Hairstyles For Black Women For a Rich and Elegant Look

Bob hairstyles usually have a perfect length that you can style to suit different occasions. My favorite hairstyle is the shoulder-length bob with slight waves. I've found that it keeps my face looking snatched at all times. Another hairstyle that looks great on almost anyone is the black sleek straight bob hair. To make it […]

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36 Wedge Haircut Ideas For A Modern Retro Look

The super spiky and short stacked wedge haircut that was a signature style in the 80s has had a makeover and is now replaced by the layered wedge haircut with spikes. Wedge hairstyles with long fringes are now switched up with bangs that don't get in the eyes. Most people who come to my salon […]

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50 Flat Twist Hairstyles For a Chic and Stylish Look

Twist hair is no doubt the simplest and most convenient protective hairstyle you can get done. You might be familiar with getting twists on box braids, but flat twists have allowed the luxury of making cornrows using twists. Flat twists have saved me more times than I can count. It is my go-to hairstyle when […]

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62 Stylish and Trendy Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Some people might be cool with blending in with the crowd, but that wasn't my MO. I've always wanted to stand out in the best way possible. Let's just say emo hairstyles gave me a safe haven to do that. My first emo hair was an emo haircut with full bangs. I toyed with that […]

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60 Dark Brown Hair With Highlights For An Elegant Appearance

Regardless of the length or pattern, dark brown hair always looks amazing. Adding highlights to your dark brown hair gives it class and style. Most people with dark brown hair prefer blonde highlights because it adds color in a subtle way. But if you would like to go the fun way, you can use bright […]

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52 Swoop Ponytail Hairstyles For A Stunning Look

The swoop ponytail hairstyle trend has been on since the 90s. This is thanks to celebrities like Ariana Grande (I call her the queen of swoop ponytails), Nicki Minaj, and TikTok. It's safe to say that swoop ponytail hairstyles will be hitting our timelines more often than not. Swoops with a curly ponytail base or […]

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50 Mohawk Braids That You Need to Know About Now

From mohawk braids with cornrows to ones with twists and locs, they are so many styles to choose. There are just as many options even if you don't have natural hair. After a few decades as a professional stylist, I have pulled off a number of different braids, mohawk braids included. So, I can guide […]

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40 Black Cherry Hair Color Ideas To Keep You Stunning

Black cherry hair color is created with a blend of burgundy, magenta, violet, and black. Its tone can be adjusted to be intense or subtle, light or dark, depending on your skin tone. In a YouTube video by hair color specialist Brad Mondo, he explained the difference between warm and cool skin tones. He stated […]

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