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32 Red Balayage Hairstyles To Enhance Your Appearance

As someone on a mission to get all the colors of the rainbow on my hair, I've found the balayage technique to be a holy grail between hair color transitions. After I detransitioned from yellow to my natural brown hair, I was craving a pop of color. My hair stylist recommended balayage to help me […]

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What Color Covers Orange Hair: A Guide to Repair the Damage

The colors that will mask orange hair are ash blonde, brown, black, and red. You can also lighten the orange tone to a lighter blonde. I have been a colorist for a long time and have seen quite a few home coloring gone wrong mishaps. So, over the years, I have gotten really good at […]

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30 Stunning Jumbo Knotless Braids For You

It's safe to say that jumbo knotless braids are here to stay due to how they are swiftly becoming the staple protective style for most women. The most popular jumbo knotless braids are those with curly ends. They add a classy feel to the style that completely changes your look. Jumbo knotless braids with beads […]

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30+ Pastel Blue Hair Looks to Inspire You!

The transition to pastel blue hair can be a bit tricky - should you go with baby blue or sky blue? Should you get highlights or balayage? Can you pull off pastel blue with dark hair? There's no need to worry as I will be your pastel hair guide! I have been a colorist for […]

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60 Baddie Hairstyles For A Flawless Look

Straight back hairstyles with center parting, cornrows, and jumbo braids, especially in blonde are signature TikTok and Instagram baddie hairstyles. This is because they are versatile and elegant. Box braids are a personal favorite baddie hairstyle since they are protective of your hair, can last for as long as two months, and can be styled […]

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65+ Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Looks to Spark Your Interest

Brown hair with blonde highlights is a pretty popular look. Because it is so common, though, you may need some help finding a look that will stand out. As a professional colorist, I have managed to combine all shades of brown and blonde. I can guide you through all the ways you can pull off […]

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Best Hair Color for Green Eyes: 30+ Looks for Your Locks

As green eyes are so rare, choosing the best hair color for green eyes isn't always a simple task. This is where I come in - as a colorist, I have spent a lot of time choosing hair colors to make green eyes (and other colors) really pop. So, I can give you a complete […]

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51 Pink Highlights in Brown Hair Styles to Snap Up

Light and dark colors, underlights, ombre - there are so many different shades and styles to choose from with pink highlights in brown hair! This is where I come in. I have been a colorist for many years and have had the opportunity to give numerous brunettes pink streaks. In this post I will show […]

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65 Blonde Hair with Dark Roots Looks to Inspire a Color Change

There is a lot to love about the blonde hair with dark roots trend. It is low maintenance, very chic, and is a great way to fresh up hair with minimal effort. As a hair colorist I have plenty of experience with both blonde and dark hair. So, if you are looking to get the […]

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62 Best Tribal Braids Hairstyles To Up Your Look

Tribal braids are so fashionable and trendy right now. The tribal braids with cornrows and beads are my favorite. They are also favored by tons of customers and braid frequenters. Cornrows tribal braids hairstyles have been hitting my Instagram timeline quite frequently. Despite tribal braids with cornrows and beads being the most popular, the most […]

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