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55+ Pink and Purple Hair Ideas to Inspire You

The great thing about pink and purple hair is that the result can run the gamut from cute to downright mystical. As a colorist, I have had a lot of experience - and fun - combining these two shades. So, I am here to show you all the ways you can blend the two for […]

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50 Under Hair Color Ideas: Trendy Ways to Make Underlights Work

Underlights are currently having a moment. The good news is that there are plenty of under hair color ideas for you to choose from! Naturally, you are going to need some help navigating this colorful landscape and I'm here to help. I have worked for many years as a colorist, learning how to create both […]

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55 Trendy Stitch Braids Ideas (With Pictures)

Stitch braids have recently grown in popularity. They include a range of hairstyles from ponytails and buns to the skinny goddess, top knots, and more. However, ponytails are my favorite! They are elegant, define facial features, and are great for any event. As a certified hairstylist, I have worked on stitch braids for over a […]

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33 Elegant Blonde Box Braids Hairstyles To Try

Blonde box braid is trendy, not just because it is a protective hairstyle, but also because there are several shades of blonde to choose from. These include platinum, honey and caramel, making it almost impossible to run out of hairstyles. The battle of hair maintenance is one that most people are familiar with since excess […]

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