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40 Purple Nail Designs For Your Next Appointment

by Sherri Owens

Purple nails keep you looking luxurious and classy. It is my go-to nail color whenever I have a luxurious event or occasion coming up.

For a night out, medium-length dark purple nail designs with rhinestones or glitter are the best option. For a classy day-to-day look, you should get pastel purple nails, especially in spring or summer.

With numerous shades of purple available, getting purple nail art that suits you might be tough. No worries, because I've got you. From dark purple nails to pastel and ombre purple nail designs, here are 40 purple nail designs you can rock regardless of the season.

Purple Nail Designs For Inspiration

1. Croc Tips Purple Nail Design

The versatility of this purple nail is unmatched. It has a light pink base with purple crocodile tips on two fingers.

One nail is designed with charming swirls of pink and purple with gold glitter that gives the whole look a pretty finish.

Light Pink Base With Purple Crocodile Nails

Image by @gvlden_beauty_lounge_ via Instagram

2. Bold Purple Nail Designs

Not a big fan of acrylic nails? You can get glossy violet nail polish to paint your natural nails.

You can do this at home if you don't feel like going to the salon. To prevent the polish from staining your cuticles, apply vaseline using a Q-tip to your cuticles before you start putting on the nail polish.

Glossy Violet Nail Design

Image by @thebeautybartampico via Instagram

3. Purple Nails With Glitter and Florals

Coffin nails are a delight. These medium-length purple coffin nails are charming with a little bit of everything going on.

It has orchid purple nails on the thumb and little fingers decorated with rhinestones. The ring finger is filled with silver glitter and the middle finger has an angelic 3d flower on it.

This nail look would be the perfect choice for a spring wedding.

Purple Nails With Glitter and Florals

Image by @lauraa.naills via Instagram

4. Purple Ombre Nail Art

The marble purple nail art here is just spectacular. The dark-tipped ombre nails also complement the marble nails.

The whole look is elevated by the purple flower and glitz on the ring finger.

Marble Purple Nail Art

Image by @adimel_nailsacademy via Instagram

5. Light Purple Nails

With just the perfect length, these square nails are neatly and carefully done with swirls of light purple, white, and glitter.

The single color accent nail on one finger is an addition you can decide to go without or replace with a different color like white or pink.

Light Purple Square Nails

Image by @nailsbygabyglam via Instagram

6. Long Purple Sparkly Nails

If you're a little timid and shy, you should pass these baddie nails up. With its extreme length and glam, this dramatic nail is perfect to make a statement and draw attention.

A silver accent nail decorated with gems and stones is featured on one nail. The others are chrome purple with holographic nails to spice things up further (like this isn't spicy enough).

Long Purple Sparkly Nails

Image by @nailsbyjessyjess via Instagram

7. Medium Stiletto Pastel Nails

I love how faint these nails are. Very light shades of purple are used to create a calm and delicate look.

The last nail has a slight shimmer that is just lovely. Small rhinestones and flowers are used to adorn the middle and ring fingers respectively. This would be great for a baby shower thanks to the softness of the color.

Light Shades of Purple Nails

Image by @julienails_stalbans via Instagram

8. Purple Summer Nail Idea

If you like simple manicures as much as I do, you might be delighted by this subtle nail look.

The perfect length acrylics are used to create these amazing nails.

Purple Summer Nail Design

Image by @mindnsense via Instagram

9. Purple Halloween Nail Idea

When dark purple nail polish is mixed with black such as in these matte nails, it creates a dark, flattering nail look. The purple base and black bats help create a dramatic look that's perfect for Halloween.

Dark Purple Halloween Nail Design

Image by @halloween_nail_art via Instagram

10. Purple Gradient Hearts

Accent nails add an amazing twist to any nail art as it does here.

Most of the nails are done with charming purple gradient french tips with accent nails of hearts with gradient purples from light to dark.

Purple Gradient Heart Nail Design

Image by @centenovilchezboutique via Instagram

11. Purple Chanel Nails

These pretty nails incorporate different nail trends to create this gorgeous nail look. The little finger has a purple and white ombre with a gold chanel decal on it.

The ring fingernail has a nude base with a slight shine. The other nails are marble nail art with gold decals attached to create an amazing glow. This nail will look amazing for prom or graduation.

Purple Chanel Nails

Image by @jessica_nailzz via Instagram

12. Purple Animal Print Nail Art

I am definitely getting this done for my next nail appointment. This nail art features nude nails with purple and black leopard-like dots with solid purple nails.

This is a super cute nail for a casual date. This goes well with jeans or monochrome sweats.

Purple Animal Print Nail Art

Image by @luna_beauty_nails via Instagram

13. White Marble and Gold Decals

This is my favorite shade of purple polish due to how gorgeous it looks. The color combo of white marble nails and gold decals creates a wow factor.

You can stun with this for a date night.

White Marble and Gold Decals Nail Art

Image by @iglnails via Instagram

14. Purple Flower and Rhinestone Nails

Step out looking like a goddess with these gorgeous purple nails. It's perfectly arranged with petals with swirls of glitter on ombre purple nails.

The rhinestone is added to the little fingernail to create a trendy look.

Purple Flower and Rhinestone Nails

Image by @ninisfabnails via Instagram

15. Purple Holographic Nails

This gorgeous, trendy nail look is much-loved by fashion icons. It's bright in a subtle way because the purple glitter nail polish used is a dark one.

This is a great choice if you want elegant nails that are dark enough to make a statement.

Purple Holographic Nails

Image by @jaycandies via Instagram

16. V-tips Purple Nail Ideas

Purple glitter nails are used here on one nail to complement the remaining purple V-tip nails. The nude base of this nail art goes perfectly with the skin tone.

This is the perfect nail for you if you like to appear polished and high-class.

V Tip Purple Glitter Nails

Image by @nailsbyzarasara via Instagram

17. Purple and Pink Nail Art

Light purple nails are always flawless. This nail art has fun patterns and a nice almond shape.

The chic nail look is created with a pink base and purple tips with swirls of white nail polish in between them.

Light Purple and Pink Almond Nails

Image by @yournaillab via Instagram

18. Glam Purple Nail Designs

An easy way to create a cool look that will pop against any outfit is by adding rhinestones.

The trendy fashion look is achieved with crystal rhinestones and star-shaped decals added to the purple nail art, increasing the fun level of the nails.

Purple Nails with Crystal Rhinestones and Star-Shaped Decals

Image by @karis.beauti.bar via Instagram

19. Purple Butterflies

This manicure is fun and sweet. The different pattern on each nail creates an interesting look.

One nail has a butterfly with twinkles, some nails have unique half french tips with dot work flowers and pearls on the other half. The last nail is adorned with stars and ocean-like swirls of dark purple.

Purple Butterflies Nail Design

Image by @denasnails via Instagram

20. Long Nails With Purple Swirl

Nails with swirls are becoming trendy and for good reason. These square nails are light purple with dark purple swirls to make the look pop.

This vibrant nail look can be worn with most monochrome outfits. If you are not a fan of long nails, you can get shorter ones for this look.

Long Nails With Purple Swirl

Image by @thenailprogramme via Instagram

21. Purple Nails With Butterfly Charms

Step out looking elegant and stylish with these fantastic nails. Purple and nude are combined, creating a stunning ombre appearance.

You can add rhinestones and charms to allow the light purple color to pop slightly or leave it without adornments. The nails would still look creative.

Purple Nails With Butterfly Charms

Image by @nailsbyalejandraaa via Instagram

22. Purple Nail Designs With Flames

The creativity of this dark purple nail art is top-notch. Every nail has a different design. Some feature plain purple nail designs with solid silver nail polish.

Another has a purple snake and the index nail art has hot purple flames that look like it took a lot of work.

Purple Nail Designs With Flames

Image by @melymelissa_nails via Instagram

23. V-tips Purple Glitter Nails

This nail art is for baddies that like extra long nails. The nail idea is simple, with nice nude nails at the base and purple glitter v-tips.

If you want to stand out at a party, you might want to consider getting this done.

Purple Glitter For Extra Long Nails

Image by @guerass_nails via Instagram

24. Short Lilac Nails

Need a nice purple nail design to keep you looking stunning as you go about your daily life? You should consider getting this done.

The nail art is plain except for the accent nail with a mixture of white. If you want to make this sparkle a bit, you can add glitter or rhinestones.

Short Lilac Nails

Image by @sorebeauty_ via Instagram

25. Black Polish With Purple Nail Designs

Here, glossy and matte nails are used to create a glam, dark appearance. The black nails are mixed with purple, creating a look similar to an amethyst crystal.

If you have a masquerade party to attend, you should consider getting this nail design done.

Black Polish With Purple Nail Designs

Image by @nail_lab_official via Instagram

26. Short Purple Nail Designs With Glitter

There are tons of unique purple nail ideas just like this one. The design is that of simple short nails with purple glitter at the tips that look like magical crystals.

This nail art will look great with a bright outfit or any formal outfit you want to rock.

Short Purple Nail Designs With Glitter

Image by @naidenailedit via Instagram

27. Bling Purple Nail Designs

Indulge in some extra bling with these crystal-filled purple nails. The short almond nails are sparkly and lovely with the rhinestones added.

The dark purple nail polish does a great job of turning down the brightness of the whole look, making it stunning and attention-grabbing.

Crystal Filled Purple Nails

Image by @perfectnailsandbeautyply via Instagram

28. Ombre Purple Nails With Black

This is an awesome take on purple nails. It features a white base with light purple tips. A tree-like design with black stems, branches and gold leaves is used to decorate the gorgeous purple nail on the ring finger.

Purple Ombré nails with Black

Image by @chadenailbar via Instagram

29. Sparkly Purple Ombre

I love how glitter-filled these short nails are. The color combo is really stunning. It features a pretty shade of purple used at the base of the design with white tips.

This is a great nail idea if you want to show yourself some love by getting a gorgeous manicure.

Sparkly Ombré Design On Acrylic Nails

Image by @elsasnailworkz via Instagram

30. Mauve Purple Nails

Are you a fan of square and stiletto nails? You should consider getting a nail design that combines both square and stiletto acrylic nails. This cute mauve nail art has both, and is decorated with crystal rhinestones.

Some nails have stunning transparent tips with glitter that creates a look that you are sure to fall in love with.

Square and Stiletto Mauve Purple Nails

Image by @igelbeauty via Instagram

31. Blue and Purple Nail Designs

It doesn't get any more elegant than blue and purple nails with a matte finish. This almond shape nail art features plain ocean blue and purple on some nails with two floral-designed nails on each hand.

Purple, black and white flowers are drawn on the ocean blue nails and I'm yet to see more perfectly blended colors.

Blue and Purple Nail Designs

Image by @sihamsalon via Instagram

32. Lavender Purple Nail Designs

Celebrate who you are every day because there is no one else like you. You can do this by treating yourself to a pretty manicure with your initials incorporated, as in this nail design.

The nails have a light pink base with purple v-tips. The initials of the name are written in black, making it shine on the light nails. Can't wait to try this out for my next nail appointment.

Lavender Purple Nail Designs

Image by @ohmynailsjulia via Instagram

33. Plum Purple Nails

This glossy plum purple nail art is cute and bold. The coffin nails have a single color that is mature and classy.

The nail design will work perfectly when worn with corporate outfits. You should consider this for your next nail design if you are looking for a subtle yet stunning shade of purple to rock.

Glossy Plum Purple Nail Art

Image by @nailsterm via Instagram

34. Touch Of Purple

Have fun with your nails by getting these cute short designs. The nail look features different shades.

Nude, gold glitter, and blue are used on different nails. Two nails are beautified with florals with a touch of purple, giving this a nice spring vibe.

Purple Nail Art with Floral Designs

Image by @ck2_nailart_studio via Instagram

35. Deep Matte Purple and Glitter

Everything about this nail idea is just perfect. The cool plum purple color, the glitter nails, and even the short style.

You can rock this cool and subtle manicure with bright monochrome outfits in nude or milk.

Deep Matte Purple & Glitter

Image by @uniquebeautybymartine via Instagram

36. Violet and Glossy

This is a charming nail idea to flaunt. Most of the nails are plain glossy violet with two accent nails added to spruce things up.

The white accent nails have pink and purple florals. The contrasting green on the nail gives an elegant finish to the whole look. I can see myself wearing this pretty manicure in spring.

Plain Glossy Violet With Two Accent Nails

Image by @ibtisambeauty via Instagram

37. Green and Purple Manicure

The best word that can be used to describe this mani is perfection. The long coffin shape nails are fresh and vibrant. With all the glitz and glow going on here, this is sure to make you smile.

The nail designs feature purple ombre and green ombre nails. Little moon and star charms are added to beautify the nail look.

What makes the style pop is the fun multiple shades added on the nails with a gold swirl that stands out.

Green and Purple Manicure For Long Nails

Image by @rosanailbar via Instagram

38. Metallic Purple Nail Designs

The glow of this metallic nail is just out of this world. The almond shapes and amethyst design of the ring fingernail have a pleasant shine making the nails suitable for an authentic glam look.

You can wear this with lighter shades of purple for a bold, classy look.

Metallic Purple Nail Art

Image by @nashaat_radwan via Instagram

39. Little Pony Nails

Show that you are a woman with both a sassy and sweet personality by getting these creative nail designs.

I love how metallic nails, glitter nails, and gel nail polish with a charming pony are used to bring these nails to life. The rainbow heart on the glitter nails is a stunning mix that's subtle yet stylish.

Pony With Rainbow Heart On The Glitter Nails

Image by @talia.nails via Instagram

40. Purple Gradient Nails

Nails with a matte finish always look chic and high-class. The purple gradient nails with five shades of purple are too cute to pass up.

The shades of purple used here give you a large range of options when it comes to selecting an outfit to match your mani.

Purple Gradient Nails With Five Shades of Purple

Image by @chabs_nail_house via Instagram

We have come up with tons of pretty purple nail designs. From romantic to gothic nails, spring and summer nails, we've covered them all. All you have to do is pick your favorite and get it done on your next mani appointment.

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