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    Photos reviewed by - James Mollison 

    Scrolling #3 - 16 Children And Their Bedrooms - James mollison - Today we review James Mollison’s photo-set covering 16 different children and their bedrooms. While Mollison’s topic wasn’t focused on sartorial culture we found it interesting how “fashion” forward the project came out. We loved the composition of the photos and even there bedrooms were amazing. Ideas for look-book locations came to mind. Let us know your thoughts can you see it too? 

    Ps: We even found the scouts kid from “Up” in real life! :p

    - Jalan and Jibril Durimel

    Covering - 

    James Mollison

    Up - Disney Pixar


    Celine - FW13

    Opening Ceremony “Her” collection

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  2. Photographed by us (DURIMEL)

    A Prépare- We decided to simulate a lunch break after seeing multiple chefs take breaks out side of work.You ever noticed them? Always so particular: black pants, white cooking top and in a back ally of some sort. We just find it a bit interesting. Oh and the cigarette! A lot of times they’re smoking but we don’t so that’s where we failed “the look,” hope you like this one. It’s been a while… not that you care but if you do, then yeaahhh thanks!! 

    By the way the bag was a gift from Samo Gledam designed by Alenka Cindric from Crotia now based in London. 

    - Jalan and Jibril


    R Backpack- Samo Gledam

    Black Slip-on loafers-Zig Zag

    Adrian Loafer-Dr. Marten 

    Cream sweater- American Apparel

    Sweat pants- American Apparel

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  3. Julian Latiff -

    West Hollywood, Los Angeles


    Public School NYC - Vest

    Nike X Riccardo Tisci - AIR FORCE 1

    Alexander Wang Backpack

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  4. Photographed by us (DURIMEL)

    FUMMI- We randomly came up on these polkadot sample pieces from American Apparel. We’re not sure if they’ll be released but the menswear designer (Merrily) let us have some. The idea was to create a gloomy and candid photo-set blending the colors of the clothing and location, so here it is!

    Oh and FUMMI is the name of a cool new friend we made that day, lol!

    - Jalan and Jibril Durimel

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  5. Scarlett Jang 

    Downtown, Los Angeles



    Our Korean friend Scarlett, always in clean minimal prints! 

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