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53 Cat Nail Designs For Kitten Lovers

If you're as obsessed with cats as I am, then you know that everything about cats exudes cuteness. From their little paw prints to their cute whiskers, they are a delight to have around. What's even better? their cute features look just as good on nails. I've done plain black nails that have been made […]

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62 Unique Short Acrylic Nail Ideas For A Stunning Appearance

Short acrylic nails are a modified version of your natural nails. You can decide to get a subtle design on your acrylic nails with pastel colors and simple swirls. Or you can go with the brighter looks done with neon nail polish, for a more statement-making look. Whenever I get short acrylic nails done, I […]

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30 Gorgeous Maroon And Gold Nails For The Season

Maroon and gold nails are my favorite nail combination, especially during fall. The maroon color matches the leaves as they change from green to red, orange, or brown. The gold gives a lovely sparkle that looks like the faint sunlight which is characteristic of fall. I usually get my maroon and gold nail art with […]

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50 Nails With Diamonds For All Season

When you hear of diamonds, the first thing that may come to mind is glitz, but at a price. Don't let the cost of diamonds be a turn-off. You can enjoy the glitz (even if you can't afford diamonds) by getting nails with diamonds. You can go all out with your diamond nail design by […]

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40 Unique Pastel Nail Designs For All Seasons

When you hear of pastel nails, light pinks, baby blue, and mint green immediately come to mind. However, a stroll around Instagram and TikTok will make you realize that pastel nail designs have taken an astonishing twist recently. I've seen animal print pastels done with a lovely blend of beige and lavender, pastel french manicures […]

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32 Classy Emerald Green Nails Perfect For Every Season

Emerald green is an incredible color that screams elegance. The dark tone makes it versatile when it comes to pairing with several outfits. After trying out several designs to add glitz to my green nails (because I'm extra), I've found that emerald green nail designs with rhinestones look exquisite. If you're not a fan of […]

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25 Red Coffin Nails To Place You In The Spotlight

Red coffin nails are one of the most popular bright nail colors to get a bold and vibrant look. Rocking plain red nails is elegant, but you can switch things up by combining red with neutral colors like white, beige, taupe, and grey for a more subtle nail look. Making your nail art personal allows […]

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42 White Nails With Design For A Glamorous Look

White nails are perfect for every occasion as they a have versatile look that can be styled for any occasion. For a wedding, white nails are best left plain, or with a little sugaring. For a date night, adding rhinestones or glitter is the best way to step out looking stunning and luxurious. Regardless of […]

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30 Hot Pink Nails For Every Occasion

For a fun and glamorous look, You should consider going all out on your hot pink nails. You can do this by adding different patterns or accessories like rhinestones, glitter, gold or silver decals, and butterfly charms to your mani. For a more subtle look (which is what I'm about), I've found that the best […]

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40 Purple Nail Designs For Your Next Appointment

Purple nails keep you looking luxurious and classy. It is my go-to nail color whenever I have a luxurious event or occasion coming up. For a night out, medium-length dark purple nail designs with rhinestones or glitter are the best option. For a classy day-to-day look, you should get pastel purple nails, especially in spring […]

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