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54 Unique and Colorful Spring Nails Ideas

Spring is finally here after all the chills of winter. It is time to get those colorful nails done. You could fix pastel nails if you would like to ease into spring with soft colors, or you could go all out and get neon rainbow nails done. Whether you're looking for glamorous nails, or you […]

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52 Rhinestone Nail Designs For A Glam Look

You can add colorful rhinestones to your plain nails or any monochrome nail art to give the look a subtle sparkle. Simple matte nails can be transformed into a magical set by adding Swarovski crystals. For me, ombre nails with small rhinestones are a holy grail. If the ombre nail art is formed by 2 […]

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55 Elegant Turquoise Nails For A Refreshing Look

Getting a turquoise blue manicure is sure to brighten up your summer. What I love most about turquoise blue nails is how it makes you stand out regardless of your skin color. To keep your turquoise mani beautiful and exciting, you can add rhinestones, creative art, and other bright colors. For example, getting a mix […]

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80+ Coffin Nails Ideas To Look Chic For Every Season

I prefer the matte nude coffin nails due to how elegant they look, but the most popular coffin nails are glossy or ombre coffin nails with glitters, crystals, diamonds, or rhinestones. Acrylic coffin nails are popular in most nail salons, and nail patrons continuously go in search of unique coffin nail ideas to try out. […]

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52 Bright Summer Nails To Keep You Glowing All Summer

Summer is the season of all things bright. Neon acrylic nails are a great option for summer because they provide the right amount of glow to match your beautiful sundresses. Bright ombre nails are also a great choice since you can combine 2 or more stunning colors to create an amazing ombre design that goes […]

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35 Baddie Nails To Express Your Inner Baddie

Noticed your timeline has been going crazy with trendy baddie acrylic nails? They are usually square-shaped nails, long, and have a daring and captivating color. Girls love them due to how they help bring out their wild side. Baddie acrylic nails are the number 1 choice for girls that want to switch up their looks […]

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62 Stylish and Unique Black and Silver Nails For Any Occasion

I know how tough it can be to find the perfect black and silver nail design that suits your style. Black and silver nails have a way of making you look bold and classy all the time, which is why I am a regular when it comes to fixing nails with a touch of black […]

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45 Stunning Graduation Nails That Are Sure To Make You Stand Out

It's graduation season! Students have been trooping in to get their nails done in the most elegant way possible. Most like to go all out (no surprise there, it's graduation) with long nails, pretty wave patterns, marbles, and jeweled rhinestones. Others like to keep it simple by getting a single-color nail design and spicing things […]

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How Long Does It Take to Get Your Nails Done: A Timeline

It can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours to get your nails done. The exact time will depend on the type of manicure, the chosen design, the tech and more. As a nail tech, I've handled every type of manicure and pedicure imaginable. Due to this, I can estimate how long any procedure will […]

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60 Baby Blue Acrylic Nails To Look Classy And Chic

No color signifies calmness and serenity like baby blue. Thanks to how easy it is to create intricate designs with acrylic, this is a style that you should attempt (let's not forget that extra strength and durability that comes with acrylic nails). Baby blue acrylic nails create a combination of beauty, strength, and serenity waiting […]

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