1. Jalan-Packed in- So we’ve been listening to Kanye West this summer and really trying to get what he is trying to explain in his music. It’s been pretty interesting I can’t really write it down in one post but to make a long “summer” story short, it seems as if he’s annoyed with people bashing on others trying to be different and only accept difference when others make it a norm to accept it as difference. I hope I wrote that clear enough for you guys, but point being is that if you believe that what you’re doing has true potential but won’t be acknowledged by the people around you, stay consistent at it until they learn to appreciate it too.  


     black slip on loafers- Status foe

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  2. Jibril - French Vanilla - Finally got to wear these overalls. Ughhhh. Lol but yeah you like? I love how I kept it super one toned here so I must give a big thanks to the guys at Zig Zag footwear for these mesh loafers that really helped wrap this look up into a bundle. Highly recommend them as an everyday summer shoe.


    Shoes - Zig Zag shoes from Status Foe

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  3. Summer camp 76 - Part 1 

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  4. Summer camp 76 - Part 2 

    So We got together with our friend De’la and headed over to fairfax high on Melrose and Fairfax. The concept was to achieve a teenage 70’s high school day amongst three homies! :) 

    Cute Girl -  De’Laszae Marquece

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  5. She’s down for me, look what she wrote! ;)

    She’s down for me, look what she wrote! ;)