1. JIB n JAB

    JIB n JAB


  2. Jalan - The Good Ol’ Days - When we ride our bikes around we always spot good places to shoot rather then speeding past everything in a car. So when I saw this purple tree letting go all of its leaves I thought of an old school love story, like a black guy that didn’t have much but had soul. Kind of like Jack from The Titanic but I’m black, I guess I’m jam black. Lol, bad joke . So the shirt and pants are pieces I borrowed from my friend Justin and I got the hat for three dollars at this yard sale and put some chains on top to give it a bit of a gangster feel and that was it! Hope you liked it!


  3. Jibril - Timothy - Your 80s tv host! Today’s look is purposely simple. A lot of navy blue here so i asked the homies over at pocket square for an accent piece to break color. These guys really do have some of the best ties I’ve noticed on the market. I then added my clear “pervert” glasses to give it more of an old school vintage feel. I really like the turn out and vibe from this look we don’t play with navy too much but I think it’s a color that wore great for most men but a bit of a color twist should always be added. Click here fore the Tie, here for the shirt and yeah that’s pretty much it much!

    (Source: durimel.com)