1. GJELINA on Abbott Kinney Boulevard has some of the best Pizza in Venice! Lol not that we’ve been all over LA to get Pizza but…..Whatever, They make good Pizza! ;) Hahah

    Ordered :

    Spinach Feta Mozzarella 

    Traditional Margarita

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  2. Jibril - Donde estas Donde estas Yollanda - Is that a Womens Cardigan? Hmm I’m pretty sure it is! I Love it though. Picked this sucker up at the Rosebowl flea market for 5 bucks. This lady and her daughter had a stand at the Rosebowl and you could tell they were just trying to make some cash, because no one into clothing or “fashion” would ever sell such a well knit and colorful sweater for such a low price. I’m grateful for it though. I was going to sell it because i thought it looked a bit too femanine but while it was sitting here at home i thought hmm… if i mix it with some light pastels it could make it look a bit more masculine. So i did just that. Here i’m wearing a mint skinny chinos with a mint button up long sleeve. I really liked how this came out and despite my efforts the look does still look very femanine if you ask me, but that’s cool. I think men ( particularly straight men) should open up to colors more. Start with the pink polo that your friends are gonna say you’re “super confidant” for wearing then move into some yellows and oranges. Just don’t become a rainbow no one likes a rainbow! lol

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  3. VII Winners is up! - A new mens fashion platform check it out we’ll be doing a lot with them - http://VIIWINNERS.COM

    Properrly Pressed - Taking cues from iconic menswear styles, the editorial just as with VII Winners, brings together properly pressed individuals with the aim of showcasing their interpretations of style. The editorial serves as a testament that what is Prep to one is not necessarily Prep to others. The first of a multi-editorial series draws inspiration from Collegiate or Prep style which was popularized in the 1940′s-1950′s


    Ties and Bow Ties- Pocket Square Clothing

    Tops- Bomber jacket

              Varsity Jacket

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  4. Jalan - Learn to keep -I recently got this white cardigan from the dollar sale we go to and I don’t know how but it seems to always fall into my looks, this is the first time I’ve actually posted it but I always go out with it or to school. Speaking of school yeah visiting UCLA was really fun and I also realized how wealthy they are. It didn’t take me much to recognize it, once I saw that they were giving away free Jamba Juice I was like “oh ok” and if you don’t know what that is, its your local overpriced frozen drinks that you only buy when you’re out with a girl and you can’t look broke and turn it down. Well at least that’s the case for me. Lol. But yea this is the second shoot we’ve done with pocket square and like all ways, it’s one of my favorites! Hope you guys like it.

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  5. Jibril - The good guy - So Here’s the outfit i put togethor for the Properrly pressed editorial. I was really excited to shoot with these guys but everytime we’re around them i feel under dressed. Not saying this in a pretentious way, but we’re usually some of the best dressed when attending anything but when Rome and Briggs come through it’s like… Damn should of tried harder.