1. Jalan - Let’s go “Car Shopping” - Trixia our Asian fashion blogger buddy wanted to go over to Melrose Place to shoot but since we were not familiar with the location I was a bit worried as to where we were gonna shoot because i’m so picky with that but as soon as she parked her little fiat we walked less then a block and the area was amazing. It was full of super dope little boutiques, nice cafés, and such cool little walkways. So I saw this cool garage kind of thing and the cars Inside were what people now a days would call “bout that life“. Yeah they were nice, and I think a girl at Saks Fith Ave would agree that my out fit says “becarefull with the paint it’s my weekend car“ so I think the location was perfect. For the outfit cost like always very cheap, the cardigan and shirt were for a dollar, and shoes for ten but I kind of cheated with the sponsered American Apparel shorts. Now I’m not saying this because AA gave us these shorts because if there is one thing they can do is make a pair of shorts! From women to men I think the cuts, colors, and paterns are to die for! So there you have it guys a very classy but kept comfortable and fun spring time look hope i’ve inspired the few people who will read this “haha“, have a great day guys!     


  2. Farrow - Rule the world

    Proud to be in Faarow’s New Music video although we look Awk trying simply bob our heads lol. We met Siham and Iman on instagram and they asked us to come on set and be apart of their new music video! Hope you like! 

    visit there site - http://faarrow.com


  3. Travels started with a January Hymm

    Travels started with a January Hymm


  4. Jibril - January Hymm - Oh today today! Here is my adventurer look! My Australian safari look. I might go really bold and bizarre sometimes but there’s a very soft spot for classic fashion in my heart. There’s just some
    Thing about traditional dapperness, and looking like a “mans man”, though some might say I look a bit like a “fruit” in this outfit, but its the closest to manly men’s wear that I’ll get. Everyone has a feminine side! So here’s my new hat. Hat say hi. I went into This vintage store to buy a big black hat at first but then I found this one. I was so hesitant about buying it but then I went for it because I genuinely liked it….A lot! As for the sweater I was low on cash (end of the month brokness) but I couldn’t resist. The sweater looks pretty basic but I had an Agenda! I knew just what I wanted to do with this so with a little bit of insisting to Jalan it was mines for the taking. So this is what I wanted to do pretty much. Pair the sweater up with a tied bandana around the neck and to add a cool gardener style hat to give off an adventurer/ Indiana Jones feel and that’s the wrap up of I must say one of my favorite outfits. Lol. Hope you like it. 

    (Source: durimel.com)