1. Jalan- Carlton Banks- a while back we went to our friends dads vintage warehouse and I found two shorts and I knew I wanted to do two thing with them . So a few months ago I did my Will smith look from the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air and now I went picnic meets the 90’s and tried to replicate Carlton banks. Now if you lived under a rock for the past 13 years (born in 2000 “lol”) you might not know who he is but let be break it down he’s as white as black can get!
    Thanks to PSC for the bow tie the quality feels great! Oh, yeah hope you’ve already met our friends Jess and Charlotte from Ellahawkvintage, we had so much fun with them on their little visit to LA!


  2. Jibril - Big Scary Teeth - Don’t you love this Pullover, or  ”Jumper” shall i say for the Brits. I did not do too much for this look because the sweater was so bold. Though i could have done more with the fit but i liked how the knit sweater takes over with the oversized look it has. So pared it with some black shades, black jeans and ‘Mi’ black loafers. Ok I’ll stop doing the british thing it’s Lame. Seriously! :) Thanks to our New Aussie friends at ELAHAWK VINTAGE


  3. Jalan - The cool kid - If you haven’t noticed yet I love remodeling looks from children of different generations! So here it is my “cool kid” look, at least that’s what Jibril thought I should call it. I’ve had the shorts in my closet for almost a year now and just found the perfect shirt to go with it. The look was so cool and hip but I didn’t have the shades yet and Jibril was like you know what would’ve really put the cherry on top “lol” would be some dark wayfarer sunglasses, so we ran over to Urban Outfitters and they had the perfect pair! This look is that perfect 80’s neighbor boy that’s ready to take on the world! Hope you like it.

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  4. Jibril - R E D I C U L O U S - Color blocking is always one of my favorite things to do when putting a look together. I was a bit lost when trying to put this one together, but then loved the final outcome. I threw on a necklace and watch, but purposely removed them to keep the look really based on the bold color blocks. Green, pink, yellow….. and black :p. I ment that for my skin tone but actually the shoes are black. JOKE KILLED! This kind of look isn’t really inspired by anything just my  bare imagination. There’s not much to it but i think it does a great job based on the colors. Guys, wear hot pink! It pops, it’s hot, and it simply brightens the day. Literally. Thanks for reading and i hope you have a marvelous day today even though spring is being a bitch for some of you. ;)

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  5. Today we showcase our new love for velvet Tops.

    Today we showcase our new love for velvet Tops.

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