1. Jibril - R E D I C U L O U S - Color blocking is always one of my favorite things to do when putting a look together. I was a bit lost when trying to put this one together, but then loved the final outcome. I threw on a necklace and watch, but purposely removed them to keep the look really based on the bold color blocks. Green, pink, yellow….. and black :p. I ment that for my skin tone but actually the shoes are black. JOKE KILLED! This kind of look isn’t really inspired by anything just my  bare imagination. There’s not much to it but i think it does a great job based on the colors. Guys, wear hot pink! It pops, it’s hot, and it simply brightens the day. Literally. Thanks for reading and i hope you have a marvelous day today even though spring is being a bitch for some of you. ;)

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  2. Today we showcase our new love for velvet Tops.

    Today we showcase our new love for velvet Tops.

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  3. Jibril - But i’m not a Rapper - Looking like a legit 2 chainz. So, today my brother and I, were high on velvet. We’ve been finding a lot of these women velvet Tees around town and at first we would not buy them, but then we started seeing them in a whole new perspective.
    Velvet can definitely look very feminine but these tops have the exotic fabric and a very simple cut that we think can fit a man just as well, and actually even better. I just think that these T-shirts look really chic and high-fashion when worn on a man, rather then a women because a women is used to being seen in velvet clothing. So, I matched this look up with a pair of shorts that were originally regular fit jeans, and my high top Nike vandals. Toped off with a minimal jewelry DIY piece that I made from a pair of random keys. Spiked bracelet was sent to us by African charm. Get it here. she has it all!

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  4. Jalan - Have you ever made love to a Pharaoh? - I’ve been craving for a choker collar, and a tribal bracelet these past few weeks, and when i speak about it around my friends i can tell they’re a bit weirded out by the idea lol. The whole point of this was to wrap up what you see now… an ancient egyptian look that didn’t look like a costume but mixed with contemporary pieces like the skinnies, and loafers - I deliver more of a eccentric modern look still showing off my main inspiration. KING TUT! Hahaha big Thank you to African charm for helping me develop this look with the Jewelry pieces. Get the bracelet here

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