1. Hook, Line, Sinker! - So this is it then! Our last post for the year. We’ve been holding this one back for a while now and happy to finally share it with you. Besides the outfits I think what we loved most about this shoot was the location. The shadows and the faint blue walls were on a sexy flex that day! Haha but yeah we got this ocean type vibe as if we were sailing or something. The mood was all there but in reality we were just at a random apartment complex in Hollywood. We did wait for the sun to settle down because if you know anything about photography you know that those walls would be crazy bright any earlier. Hope we’ve payed our dues to you with this last post. Just want to thank you all for keeping up with us and even more to you guys who read the posts and go further then just our Instagram “teasers”. Best of luck to you in your new year and hopefully you’ll stick around, MUCH LOVE, peace!


    Black Turtle Neck

    American Apparel Black dress pants

    Green Dress pants

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    (Source: Durimel.com)


  2. Chelsea Bravo x Durimel- It’s even cooler that she sewed them herself! Today we collaborated with up-and-coming designer Chelsea Bravo featuring her 2013 Dysfunction collection. The collection was inspired by dysfunctional emotion and traditional African dress. We think the concept was properly achieved but there’s also an interesting mix of fabrics that gives a cool modern-tech look to the garments so we decided to further the electronic look and shoot two subtly futuristic outfits. The outfits are really coordinated and we don’t usually do that but hey! Sometimes it’s cool to be the “cute twins”. Thanks for keeping up with us.

    The year is almost over so we hope to end it off well with maybe one last post so stay tuned with us. Merry Christmas to you all and if you’re not into christmas well happy whatever-else-you’re-celebrating”. Is that ignorant? 

    But yeah, be sure to check out more of Chelsea Bravo’s Dysfunction collection and keep up with the label. So this time you’ll be able to say you knew about it first.

    Jalan and Jibril Durimel

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    Knit sweater as scarf

    spectre sunglasses

    White slip on loafers 

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  3. Photography by Taghrid Chaaban for American Apparel 

    GQ Korea September 2013- You know, just two smooth brothas! Ohhh Em Gee, like Korean GQ is way more fashion forward than the American one (ditzy chick voice). No seriously though this version of GQ was so much more interesting when it came down to its fashion editorials, so yeah, we’re posing with pride, ha! :) 

    (Source: durimel.com)


  4. Yardy-It’s getting a bit cold in LA right now so to make things a bit clearer/realistic we’ll be honest. We didn’t shoot this recently, and yeah the city is getting irritatingly chilly. The native New Yorker would love this Los Angeles winter but we’re in that “you never know what you got till’ its gone ” kind of mood so we’re just gonna be a bit ungrateful about our sunny, clear skies. But anyways let’s talk about the outfits! So today’s post was really based on bold details and earthy tones. I’ll throw this out and say that Jalan’s(twin in the striped tee) look is personally one of my all time favorites. And when I say that, I mean in the entire fashion industry. I really love how he layered the dress shirt with the striped Tee. As for my look in the plaid shorts I can’t exactly compliment myself but yeah I kind of really like those plaid shorts and wanted to use them in a sort of relaxed “on the go” look and I think I did just that. Hope you like what we came up with. Christmas is getting close but it kind of sucks now that we don’t live with our parents anymore. No more gifts and shit.


    Shoes - Both Dr. Martens

    Navy Cardigan

    Green Tanktop

    Black Sunglasses

    Large Striped Tee

    Brown Leather Backpack

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