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The 777 Tattoo Meaning and 110 Ideas for Divinity and Luck
The 777 tattoo can have a number of meanings – some of these are spiritual and linked to the bible, while others have to do with sheer luck! Numerology has been around for thousands of years but recently it has been making a comeback with the masses. As a result, I have been asked to […...
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110 Sternum Tattoo Ideas to Ink Above Your Heart
People are getting increasingly creative with their sternum tattoos. Due to this, you have your pick to choose from – all the way from lotus flowers to mythical figures. As a tattoo artist, there is no denying that the sternum is a tricky area to work your tattoo needle around. Despite this, i...
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Calla Lily Tattoo Meaning with 105+ Flawless Designs For a Stunning Look
Calla lilies are popular and amazing tattoo designs that symbolize beauty, purity, innocence, rebirth, and fertility. The Greek part of my family believes that the calla lilies are transporters of the soul to heaven. So, when someone dies, it is tradition to place the lilies on the coffin to take th...
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Top 75 Glamorous Snake Tattoo Ideas with Their Meaning
Snake tattoos are fascinating. Their slippery body can be manipulated to form different tattoo styles. For example, the extensive snake sleeve tattoo which runs from the shoulder to the hand is a definite stand out. What I love most about snake tattoos is their versatility. There are over 3000 speci...
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55+ Rose Gold Ombre Glitter Nails to Glam You Up!
From traditional ombre to reverse ombre, there are many rose gold glitter nail designs to choose from. You can blame my obsession with rose gold on the fact that I am a Millennial. Luckily, plenty of my clients come from the same generation and they love getting creative with their rose gold ombre g...
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80+ Pink and Purple Nails To Have You Basking In Compliments
When I saw a lady slay in a stunning pink and purple outfit, the thought of combining the two colors on nails came to mind and I’ve never done a more satisfying nail polish combo. I did a pink purple swirl design and it had a charming and seductive appearance. Pink and purple glitter nails [&h...
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56 Stunning Brown Nails For Every Season
Am I the only one that has been noticing the burst of brown nails on all my social media platforms? Not that I’m complaining because wow. Gone are the days when I thought brown nails could only be rocked during fall. I’ve seen amazing brown nail ideas for winter, spring, and even summer....
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40+ Exotic Neon Green Nails that Look Amazingly Fashionable
Neon green is the perfect shade if you enjoy making a statement with funky colors. These nails look great by themselves and also when combined with other polish. Neon green nails with nude are a smart look for all and are amazing for any setting. On a personal note, I am a huge nail art […]...
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How Long Does Permanent Hair Dye Last? A Dye Hard Question
Permanent hair dye can last between 6 to 8 weeks before fading. Of course, as your hair does grow during this period, you will need to get touch ups at your roots. I have been a colorist for a couple of decades and the one question my clients always have for me is, how long […]...
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45+ Sassy Haircuts For Bold and Stylish Ladies
Stepping into a room looking like you own it requires more than just self-confidence. That confidence has to be backed up by a sassy haircut. The best haircut to match that confident persona is short hair with slight waves. Short hair has a way of adding an edgy aura to your look to give just [&hell...
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How Long to Leave Toner in Hair For The Perfect Result
To get the best results from a toner, you should leave it in for 10-45 minutes, depending on your hair type. I let my toner sit in my hair for a maximum of 15 minutes since I’ve got light blonde hair. But if you’ve got darker hair, you should let your toner sit in for […]...
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What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Brown Hair? How To Get The Best Result
Purple shampoo works to remove brassy tones from brown hair in the same way it works on blonde hair. It helps to remove yellow and orange tones in your hair, leaving you with shiny, and uniform color-treated strands. I’ve used purple shampoo on my brown hair to help lighten some slight yellow ...
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