1. Jalan-LXRYNot what i was really going for but, I ended up looking like the only black Captain on the Titanic with some sneakers on. Last time I used my freestyle’s, I went for a really vintage high school student. This time we wanted to go into a more high fashion style and that’s why I love and bought my Reebok freestyle’s cause they can go both ways and beyond! I found this Titanic wannabe blazer at the Goodwill and couldn’t let it got. To be honest it didn’t even fit me but it was only five dollars and the magic of pulling up sleeves is beyond my knowledge! Well, not really it’s actually very simple. It just makes pieces look more fitted “haha”. Then to give it a bit more class I added my gold choker collar. We shot this at The Grove in LA. It’s actually a pretty cool spot, aside from the fact that all I buy there are spanish peanuts then pretend to purchase something at Nordstrom’s and walk out like I’m too cool. When in fact I’m too broke. But no worries some day this lad will be just fine!

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  2. Pocket Squrea X Durimel - Style as Rebellion

    Here is the first of many more collaborations we did with pocket square clothing - An amazing mens wear line focused in formal accessories  all sewn in the US. We met with the two gentlemen (Rodolfo Ramirez, and Andrew Cheung - owners of PSC) over the internet, after finding there jaw dropping pieces, and were so excited to do this collaborative shoot. There ties are like none other something daring that stands right out of the tie and pocket square market that sais classy, yet unique. WE LOVE POCKET SQUARE, and we’re not just saying that haha.

    Style as Rebellion - “How to break out. If you’re right handed, draw with your left hand. Determine the most sensible, practical thing to do, and then do the exact opposite. Pick a color at random. Force yourself to use the typeface you hate the most. Take on a problem that you’ve never faced before. Overturn the game board and make up new rules based on where the pieces fall.”

    -Michael Bierut


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  3. Pocket Square Clothing - Styled as Rebellion

    A great new Relationship! We met these guys through Lookbook.nu and fell in love with their products, and the ethic of their brand. Two graduates from USC who had a great idea and followed their instinct Andrew and Rodolfo own and amazing mens accessory line founded in 2011 .Look out for more projects with PSC. 



  4. Jibril - Pocket Square clothing X DURIMEL - Unlike Jalan i wore a very bold floral blazer with shy accessories from pocket square. Theie honey dew tie from there ice cream collection, and there limited edition smiley pin. 


  5. Jalan - Pocket Square clothing X DURIMEL - Here i chose on of there pocket squares to go with there floral print antoinette tie that i really love. An overall classic look with bold pieces from pocket square to finish it off! :)