1. Jalan-Rocket Power- This look was actually not inspired by Rockt Power at all it’s just that as the look came together, going up on the lifeguard cabin and seeing the santa monica pier with the rides just made me feel like auto from the cartoon show. I love hawaiian shirts but i’ve gotten very picky with them over time, to me theres two types: 

    1. The type that a tourist would pick up on his trip to hawaii which isn’t rather fashion based but used as a souvenir &… 

    2. The Hawaiian print shirt that the local grandparents have put together in a collection and when put in the right hands can be used to make an awesome fashion statement! 

    So for the rest of the look i added a few accessories but my favorite one is this random piece of thread that i picked up from a swap meet, i wasn’t sure what to do with it at first i was contemplating between a belt or a head wrap but then it found it’s self on my neck so that was its home for this look. By the way if you’ve read to this point of the post i would like to thank you seeing that i don’t know who actually reads these and if you’re are one of them that means a lot. Have a great day! *LOL*

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  2. Jalan-Bad time Valentine- “Look at this shirt i found, it’s fringed” Jalan said!
    As his Jibril looked at him with a questioned face. That’s exactly what happened when i found this T-shirt. At first Jibril didn’t get what I liked with this shirt but then I put this look together and he finally understood! I added my brown jacket and favorite pork pie hat. I looked very biker-ish up top so I decided to cool my “bad-ass” down with the corduroy skinny pants and a flat finish with the grey and black laced moccasins. Made it look like the bad guy with some good in him. Just how the ladies like it ;). As for the name of this look, it basically started when I found this rose in someone’s garden and I ripped it off their bush and decided to have it be part of the look and valentines day was coming up and I thought why not release this on Valentines Day since I’m “valentineless” which would obviously end up as a bad time valentine, but you know we don’t even need to try. IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME! Haha


  3. Jibril - The wind - I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul. Cat Stevens’s music is so heart felt. It’s amazing. But enough with that, let’s talk about this combination of bohemian wear. So here i wore an oversized Navajo coat with wing tip penny loafers, and a cowboy. I liked the mix of the three. It gives this kind of gambler/native look. I was going to wear this other Navajo jacket at first that I did really like but it looked a bit too bulky. Which is weird because I usually love the bulky on top with slim pants at the bottom. But this coat was a friend of mines that we were shooting with that day and it turned out to balance out the overall outfit pretty well to my opinion. But now back to Cat Stevens. To understand my mood towards this out fit and the picture listen to The wind by Cat Stevens. Where I’ll end up where i’ll go only god really knows.

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  4. Jalan - Polaroid Bill- In this outfit i was going for a students look in the 70’s who takes on photography as a hobby. So i got this rainbow stripe sweater and tucked it into my gray high waist shorts and kept it very simple. I also borrowed my friends film camera and back pack. The picture is very expresive to me i wanted it to define what a photographer goes through right when taking a picture, so to the left is me viewing the subject and to the right i kneel down to get my angle, focus and SHOOT!


  5. Jibril - Guadeloupe - Guadeloupe is the name of the Caribbean island my Dad and the rest of our family reside. I call it that because of the island feel in the background of this picture but if token in another location this look actually looks really Japanese/Harajuku-ish if i may. It’s the way the colors pop and are so out there that really makes me think of that style. Speaking of the tank it was actually a t-shirt i cut to a tank top, and the print pants are a sure keeper that i don’t plan on selling any time soon. It really resembles those trendy vintage silk bomber jackets with the gold chains in a pants version. It’s hard to find a nice pair of “fitted” parachute pants like these. I never try to find them perfectly fitted but i don’t like when they’re too large on the sides. It just looks a bit too clowny. Obviously these are women pants though. . I Hope this can inspire more men to wear print bottoms, instead of the typical one tone Chino or Jeans. My brother always sais “why are men only willing to wear print pants when it’s a pair of swimming trunks but never as an actual atire. Get freaky wit it, my dudes!