1. Jibril - Lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you - This is hands down my favorite sweater i own. And guess how much i got for it……….Wait for it……Wait for it…uno…dos…tres. Three dollars!! I got this at a Goodwill for three dollars in the country side. I honestly don’t think they were selling it because i found it hung up high on their wall, and it wasn’t even reachable. I had to get some sort of stool to grab it and it didn’t even have a price tag on it, but the girl working their told me three dollars. When i find things this cheap and beautiful i swear it’s like getting them for free. So this is what i came up with for my christmas shoot i gave the sweater less of a “corny santa” feel and made it look more urban. I guess i’m an urban outfitter. Haha! :)


  2. Buddy - Jibril - I love the classic look of this Sweater and how much it pops! The fact that it pops such up top with the print snap-back. I wanted to go a bit more relaxed at the bottom. To make it look really old school i wore a pair of high waisted acid wash jeans with classic canvas sneakers, a nice pair of reebok pumps would of made this look killer though.


  3. Jalan - Fertilizer - With my tweed blazer that i got in Paris, the shirt and sebago’s from London; this was basically a mixture of my favorite pieces that i purchased in 2012. This look was very casual but i wanted to change the usual vest and blazer combintation with a tropical touch by adding the beach button down shirt.


  4. Jibril - Bad Religion - I got the name of this look from frank ocean’s song bad religion. So the story behind this look is that the Jacket sold and i happend to be quite fond/in love with it. I actually only put it up for sale to have more content on our store. unfortunately it sold. I love it so much because i see so much people buying these army jackets these days but they’re not as bulky, and “rough” as this one. I went big and tough up top and slimed it down at the bottom to clean the look up a bit, and then added the red bandanna, Because i’m obviously a Blood. haha just kidding, but i’m thugin! ;)


  5. Jalan - French’s This look had no particular inspiration, it just had to be put together quickly to head for downtown LA. So i put on the mustard cardigan that i had laying around for a while, that i honestly did not really like, but the combination with the pouch and the shorts made a great match of color tones but i’m an appreciator of color blocking so i had to add in the purple print scarf, and that wrapped it all up and made this look a success in my opinion!