1. Jibril - Fine young Gentleman - I put a snap back on to Join the cool kids club for this look. See with the tucked in polo i was too much of a goody Two-shoes! Lol Just kidding but not really in the sense that i did throw the hat on to make this look  a bit more “Young and fresh” if i may.


  2. Jibril - Cowboys Vs Aliens - The Story behind the name of this look was pretty cool…Well to me Hahaha! So cowboys came from the hat obviously and i thought oh aliens as in the mexican hoodie like when they come to america (I know it’s kind of Racist…Is it really though??) Then the “Vs” lies in the pants where there’s some sort of splatter. It kind of shows the result of the fight. There will be Blood! I just really wanted to use one of these mexicans sweaters my brother didn’t get what i liked about it. Funny because we put two of  those up on our web store and they both sold.


  3. Jalan- Bass- He plays the bass! So for this look i was playing “cool guy in a band”. You know just left my gig shirt open, duffle bag holding all my equipment and my shades to block the immediate sun light outdoor, but with a fashionable twist OBVIOUSLY, lol. I got the bag at a vintage store and loved the natural feel it had, The shirt was a gift from my girlfriend so this was kind of an appreciation thing too.


  4. OOTD -Venice Beach LA, With the Police brothers


  5. Jalan - Look again - This look was pretty much really Hipster type i’ll admit but i love the outcome. The olive cardigan blended in properly with the print shirt. I’m kind of over how people are using print shirts as a maine piece and top their look off with just a cool vintage print shirt. So i threw the cardigan on to have the print break out as just an “Ingredient” if i may of the combo.