1. Jalan - French’s This look had no particular inspiration, it just had to be put together quickly to head for downtown LA. So i put on the mustard cardigan that i had laying around for a while, that i honestly did not really like, but the combination with the pouch and the shorts made a great match of color tones but i’m an appreciator of color blocking so i had to add in the purple print scarf, and that wrapped it all up and made this look a success in my opinion!


  2. Jibril - White Sky - I got the name for this look from a song i love by Vampire weekend off of their contra album if you listen to the song i think you might get the the same mood that inspired this outfit. I got this floral blazer at a thrift store in the north of california in a little town called Paso Robles for 5 bucks! I mean Zara had a floral blazer in their collection not too long ago and i’m sure it was no where under 50 dollars. I loved the Zara one but to but it and see everyone wearing the same thing would just bug me (Hipster senses tingling). So this one i got at the thrift for 5 was a total Win! 


  3. Nick Ottaviano

    So, we saw this kid shot a few of our friends and were immediately drawn to his creativity. We met up and did this shoot. Aside from that we had a great bond with him. He’s unique in his personal style, super creative, and just a nice dude overall! So look out for more projects with us, and Nick O. Like him on Facebook 

    baby brother (8 of 21)

    baby brother (12 of 21)

    baby brother (19 of 21)


  4. One of our favorite pictures shot by Nick Ottaviano

    One of our favorite pictures shot by Nick Ottaviano

    (via twinish)