1. OOTD -Venice Beach LA, With the Police brothers


  2. Jalan - Look again - This look was pretty much really Hipster type i’ll admit but i love the outcome. The olive cardigan blended in properly with the print shirt. I’m kind of over how people are using print shirts as a maine piece and top their look off with just a cool vintage print shirt. So i threw the cardigan on to have the print break out as just an “Ingredient” if i may of the combo. 


  3. Jibril - Pinky on the brain - This was pretty much HIPPIE inspired with a touch of Hip-hop style. Guess where?…. Obviously the Big gold chain! I was not planning to do such a Loose, chill look with this shirt, but i was just playing around at home and that’s how it came about. The pink bandanna was not really color breakage just an add on to emphasize the pink on the shirt, and it’s how i came up with the name of the look Pinky “on the brain”. Haha





  5. Jalan -Fresh Prince - Now this is the story all about how I pulled together my fresh prince of Bel Air Look! Haha. I love the style of the guys back in the 90’s. I tried to keep the theme in check for this look. So i ade sure i had the funky shorts the sneakers and socks, And a Semi beat-up Snapback hat. This was the result, and i really loved it! Though i honestly wished i had white socks instead ;).