1. Jalan - 42 - That hip hop trill vibe! I’ve had this Jersey since i was back in paris and Jibril didn’t see much of it. He didn’t know why i found it “The bomb”. But i love how i put the necklace on top to just add that touch of “Trill”, if i may haha! The green Jeans are high waisted so they give off this look as if they’re skinny jeans but they’re not really, And then at the bottom are my favorite buy of 2012… My DOCS! 


  2. Jibril - Let’s get em! - This is the first of my many jersey’s to come. I just fint jerseys so fashionable especially the simple ones with just a number and a name, without all the big team logos and all. So i used this one as a color kind of a pop off from the dark black pants,  to something really saturated and colorful. This looks makes me look like one of those, characters from Kick-Ass. Haha!


  3. Jalan - She just moved here from London - I got this print shirt back in london, i love how it looks really old school, it’s hard to find these print shirts now a days with lark abstract designs, based on my searches. I threw the cardigan on to make the shirt a bit suttle to give the overall look  a more casual feel. The dockside Sebagos were also purchased in london.


  4. Jibril -Aztec Horizon - So at first i was going to wear this Aztec print shirt with a more a hipster based style with skinny jeans and some oxfords maybe, but then i wore them as shorts and i loved how the whole aspect changed and it looked really “Beachy” type. Even more when i let some buttons open at the top.