1. Jalan - In the studio - This Velvet green button down is one, if not my favorite shirt in my closet. I think the beauty of this outfit is the contrast of the beanie, the shirt, and the touch of class i brought with the gold chain.


  2. Jibril - In class - So this was just a simple look i look while at school. I had to do fill in hours  for a lab class so i was just bored so we stepped out and took a few pics! This look is really simple but that’s actually what i liked about it.


  3. Jalan - Fashionable Scout - See i get sent to Camp but i can’t wear the uniform like everyone else! This is how i make the boys scout fashionable. Yeah i’ll wear a scarf and tuck in my shirt. Just let me choose the shirt and scarf and we’re cool, Haha. I loved this Dolphin print shirt and the scarf just topped off “CLASS”, and that’s what makes a fashionable scout!


  4. Jibril - Fine young Gentleman - I put a snap back on to Join the cool kids club for this look. See with the tucked in polo i was too much of a goody Two-shoes! Lol Just kidding but not really in the sense that i did throw the hat on to make this look  a bit more “Young and fresh” if i may.