1. ‘The true story about sun City’

    We spoke on ideas of making spaces more admirable. It made us think of daylight.

    Malibu, California

    Photographed by us: (Durimel)

    - Jalan and Jibril

    (Source: durimel.com)


  2. durimel:

    Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)

    Paris, 1er

    Wearing - 

    Acne Studios - Denim

    Umit Benan - Hat

    A.P.C - Blazer

    Coach Jacket - DL Cerney NY.

    Tshirt - ANS

    - Another random yet exciting encounter in Paris yesterday.


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  3. Photographed by us: (Durimel)

    NÏdo - Color mania today…and that’s how we hope to keep it!

    - Jalan and Jibril Durimel 

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  4. Photographed by us (Durimel)

    Kalamazoo - Our inspiration has been lost in a whirl of indigenous (as Jalan keeps repeating these days) life and a crave for texture blends. We’re still working on our “personal style” development but we’ve been loving the idea of mixing modern and ethnic pieces together. Light pink, mustard, and black & white for today’s post.

    - Jalan and Jibril

    Grey harem pants - The squad

    Mustard hat - Shade + Slouch

    Varsity jacket and black t-shirt - American Apparel

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  5. Photographed by us: Durimel 

    Muchacho- Muchachomeans boy in Spanish. Still growing while living in Los Angeles. This week… or past two days, has been intense and it’s not over yet. Fingers crossed! Have a great weekend lads! :)

    -Jalan and Jibril


    Polka Dot tops- James Payne 

    Both shoes: Status Foe 

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