1. Photographed by - Taghrid Chaaban

    American Apparel lookbook 2013 - Fall is here and here’s what we would wear had we only owned American Apparel clothing and some Red wing shoes haha! We spent an entire day styling these outfits the day before and went back into the studio with the good Homie Taghrid ( Photographer) to create “magic” What are your thoughts? Would you wear these combinations?

    Pieces used 

    Long Coat
    Letterman Jackets
    Red wing boots
    Other Red wing boot
    Green coat


  2. Dr. Martens Stand for Somthing DJ showcase Santa Monica CA. - So Yesterday we Attended a Dr. Martens event for their stand for something campaign on the 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica. It was a really cool and relaxed event to showcase different DJ sets throughout the day. We  had a great time and we met with Sara (US PR manager) of Dr. Martens and discussed ideas for projects along with our new friend from Chile, Jose Pablo. Jibril Picked up these super nice Made in England  Burgundy Tassel loafers. What do you think?

    Shoes - Dr. Martens

    Jalan’s Hat - Similar


  3. Hounded 5200

    We returned to this location 3 times unfortunately, but fortunately to get the correct footage.

    Filmed and edited by us - Jalan and Jibril Durimel


  4. Hounded 5200 - So the objective was to capture a bold contrast between two base colors. We found this location and immediately  loved it and saw potential in it. For Jalan’s look as you may notice it was a blend effect more so with the two-toned yellow wall and the blacks on his outfit to compliment the shadows. Aside from me looking like your favorite skittle, we hope you enjoyed what came out of this shoot and would love to hear your thoughts. ;)


    Ps. don’t be ignorant and take this as a fashionable Mc. Donalds Ad.

    Similar pieces-


    Yellow Pullover hoodie

    Red Pullover hoodie