1. Yardy-It’s getting a bit cold in LA right now so to make things a bit clearer/realistic we’ll be honest. We didn’t shoot this recently, and yeah the city is getting irritatingly chilly. The native New Yorker would love this Los Angeles winter but we’re in that “you never know what you got till’ its gone ” kind of mood so we’re just gonna be a bit ungrateful about our sunny, clear skies. But anyways let’s talk about the outfits! So today’s post was really based on bold details and earthy tones. I’ll throw this out and say that Jalan’s(twin in the striped tee) look is personally one of my all time favorites. And when I say that, I mean in the entire fashion industry. I really love how he layered the dress shirt with the striped Tee. As for my look in the plaid shorts I can’t exactly compliment myself but yeah I kind of really like those plaid shorts and wanted to use them in a sort of relaxed “on the go” look and I think I did just that. Hope you like what we came up with. Christmas is getting close but it kind of sucks now that we don’t live with our parents anymore. No more gifts and shit.


    Shoes - Both Dr. Martens

    Navy Cardigan

    Green Tanktop

    Black Sunglasses

    Large Striped Tee

    Brown Leather Backpack

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  2. Photographed by us (DURIMEL)

    Durimel x Shade and Slouch-Hello peeps! It’s been a while since we’ve posted now, well not too long ago but yeah, you get it. So we want to give a big NO THANKS to the security guard that tried to kick us out of the train station during our shoot and a big THANKS to the guys at  Shade and Slouch for the amazing hats! We found them a few months ago and waited no longer to ask if they’d be up for a collaboration. They said yes but not only would they send us hats they actually let us customize our own! We were so happy I think we might have done a little dance haha! So I (Jalan), have been looking for a mustard felt hat for a while now so I asked if i could have their original Ashley Bowler in a nice vibrant mustard, Jibril really liked their alexander fedora so he decided to go with that  in a strong Teal color, and they made it happen. The hats arrived in great condition so next step was our job! We headed over to the Culver city metro station here in LA and created this! Let us know your thoughts and thanks for your visit. Peace!

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    Both hats by- Shade and Slouch

    White button up- American Apparel

    Two toned shorts- American Apparel

    Blue sweater- ZaneRobe


  3. Durimel x Ozwald boateng for A Man’s Story Los Angeles - So we were asked to photograph different men for Ozwald Boateng’s “A Man’s story” campaign to showcase the menswear culture in Los Angeles. Its not known to many but if you look through LA you might fine some of the bessed dress men IN THE WORLD! Haha, no but really. We’re really happy with the final outcome of the project. We were able to stylish guys but the story behind who they are is actually really interesting as well. Click Here for the Full story and let us know what you think. Who’s your favorite? 

    Special thanks to the participants :

    Guillermo Andrade

    Bradley Soileau 

    Justin Barco

    Donovan Briggs

    John Kolic


  4. Guillermo Andrade - Part 5 - OZWALD BOATENG X Durimel

    Guillermo is the only guy that can wear Nike Airforce ones in two different outfits and give them a whole new vibe. Don’t try this at home, the chances of you pulling-off a tacky outfit are highly capable. As we said in the beginning only Guillermo. He also owns The 424 on Fairfax and has a massive influence on the international street-style scene. Definitely a big part of the menswear scene in LA.

    (Source: durimel.com)


  5. Justin Barco - PART 4 - Ozwald Boateng X Durimel

    Don’t know if you guys know this but a lot of models are way too overrated when it comes to style. Just check out their instagrams. The point is we met Justin (a model) at a party and he was still well put together. We started talking and quickly understood he wasn’t just in the industry to stand and look pretty. This kid has cool concepts and wants to involve himself way more than just a model.

    We met up with Justin at his studio on Melrose and the plan was to go outside to look for a location, but Jibril shot one picture inside his office and that was it! 

    (Source: durimel.com)